More than a Love Story

More than a Love Story, Not a Fairy Tale ...

The biggest mystery that no one can comprehend is the mystery of love. Some turns to astrology, some turns to crystal ball. Yet still there are many questions cannot be answered. Will I ever find my true love? Will I experience a love story that will turn happily ever after?

The mind starts rationing saying, “It’s impossible!” Well.. it sounds make sense doesn’t it? You can find broken marriages every where. No need to mention the percentage, you can see it right before your eyes. Seeing all these facts, it’s easy for your deepest longing to be buried and thrown away. It’s easy to follow the stream of disbelief. Yet I want to challenge you to give breath to that hope once again.

A true love story can never be written by human’s hands. Many people fail simply because they try to make it up by themselves. Some rely on ‘experiences’, some rely on ‘experiments’. All turns to failure.  You should hand it over to God, the Author of Love, to make all the pieces of mystery revealed. There is no other way, but surrendering to God. Do you believe it?

In “More than a Love Story” series I would like to share my intimate thoughts and strugglings for all these years regarding this matter. It would be like a journal, a diary, or whatever you call it J For me, I hope it would be a living testimony to all of you that I serve a living God, Jesus Christ, who is the perfecter of our faith, hope, and love. You can follow my postings in label “More than a Love Story” which you can find on the right side of my page. Enjoy reading and be blessed J

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