August 02, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Have you ever felt that your life has run so well until someone else or some condition interupts it? This might become a huge disturbance to most people, moreover to those who loves serenity and peace. We tend to equalize peace with a situation where everything is fine, no problem, and everyone treats me kindly. But for sure we know that life will not as simple as that. Bad things just happen. People
treat us badly. Traffic jam. There are so many variables in one day in which we can easily lose our 'peace'. Though it may seems so
challenging, but God has equipped us to abide in peace in spite of our circumstances. God does not offer us a mediocre peace which is very conditional to good circumstances. He offers us peace in the midst of storm. Like an eagle mother who spreads out her wings to protect her babies in the midst of storm. God always open up his hands to embrace us whenever life gets hard.

A great educator of love, Leo Buscaglia, once wrote that the real school of life is outside the classroom. We learn the most from people who got in touch in our life whether it is for a while or for a quite some time. His mother always teaches him to learn from everything, every incident, every people. And
I found it is true that the great wisdoms often are born from little things in daily life. They are our mirror. The way we react to them will only reflect more on who we are. We can be incredibly sweet when things run so well. But who we really are will be shown when there are irritating people and bad circumstances. It shows our lack of something.. it could be patience, character, and other attitude. At first, we will always feel uncomfortable to face them. For it shows more our ugly side rather than our good side. It seems like our peace is being robbed. But the truth is they are needed to point out what we are lacking of and how we can become a better person when we respond to them correctly. They are actually not our enemy, but a true friend who will sharpen our character.

The mirror will appear most clearly in relationship with people and circumstance. But here I would like to focus on relationship. It is amazing when I deal with a very patient people. It shows my lack of patience actually. I honor their patience and that inspires me to be a more patient person. Some people tend to take relationship like this for granted. We tend to choose to be just ourselves but closing our eyes from room of improvement which somebody may have signaled for us. I was like that. I thought, "Thank God, he/she is patient. I am grateful that my impatience is being balanced by his/her presence." But I realize that maintaining such attitude will only hinder me from true growth. Growth will require us to stay away from what we feel as comfortable and reach out to do right things even it will not be comfortable. So here I am now learning to treat everyone and every situation as my mirror. What things should I improve more and more?

A great relationship is created by individuals who see themselves in need of a constant change in a better direction. They will always aim higher and will not settle for comfort zone. I could imagine what a heavenly relationship it would be when everybody has a willingness to keep improving themselves. Of course this should be a personal decision. We cannot insist others to do the same. Well, thank God if we can inspire them, but in fact they are not inspired, just keep doing our part then ;)

To close this article, here I would like to re-write a beautiful poem by Grace M. Jordan :) It is a beautiful description and a deep understanding in a matter of true peace. God's peace will be our weapon to face the world. No matter how people treat us, bad things happen, God has reminded us again that we can still abide in His peace. It is a matter of seeing things around from the mirror of God. The more we abide in Him as God of Peace, the more we also we reflect God's character. Enjoy reading :)

God's Peace

Though this maybe difficult, one thing I know is true.

That the God of Peace and Love, has His Angels waiting over you.

When the pain is great and we cry with deep despair,
there is peace that will some day come,
because I know God cares, and God still answer prayers.

All things that happen in our life, will work out for our good
and though we cannot understand:
Even our agony has a place within God's master plan.

If we could see around the bend, a year ahead or maybe even two.
We may begin to understand the things, God has brought us through.

My heart does not ache and hurt quite as bad as yours;
but there is still pain within my heart
and a void to which there are no cures.

Time we are told, will heal the pain within our hearts we feel;
but I'm so glad to know until it does,
we can rest assured that God's love and peace are real.

God is watching us through His eyes of love and grace,
to give us peace and comfort, until we see His blessed face.

Please remember this my friend,

So close your eyes and climb right into the open hands of God, and as you feel God's presence; may He fill you with His peace, and grace and love.

God will never leave you, no matter what you go through.

God's love is there to guide you, no matter what the task.

One day when we can see all the trials, God has carried us through,
Then we will understand and know that we are finally home at last.

As God's angels hover around you, doing what God has said;
May you find the comfort you are seeking
as you rest your weary head.

May God's peace fill your heart,
as you rest within God's mighty hands,
to save and love and comfort you, is God's master plan.

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