June 10, 2012

Beautiful Pieces

Do you like to arrange puzzle? Some may regard it as fun activity which is full of challenges, some may get frustrated and give up before the puzzle is finished. What is the
highlight here?

It takes lots of enthusiasm and determination to finish what we have started well.

Isn't our life works similarly like the puzzle? For each moment given to us is like a piece of puzzle. At the mean time, we may not see what is the purpose of this piece of puzzle or how will it connect with one another. We often ask, "What is God's will for my life?" "Which path should I take?" "Who is the one who will be the best to be my spouse?" And we often get confused what, where, which, when, and how we are going to fulfill the God's purpose for our lives. God's purpose. The whole picture.

As each moment passes, we have a bunch of puzzle in our memories randomly. The whole picture is definately out of sight for our eyes are so finite with the one piece we got for each moment of life. Then how will we see and finally understand clearly the whole picture of our lives?

There comes a liberation as we acknowledge that we are merely humans made from dusts with a Creator, the God of heaven and earth who knows the whole picture, the masterpiece. He indeed is the One who designed it. He has designed it to be a beautiful picture beyond imagination. But each of us can only get it once we let Him guide us to combine each puzzle we have. Yes, it is only by surrendering each piece of our lives into His mighty hands. He is more than able to order those messy puzzle to reveal its beauty step by step. But we have to remember that this process could be ... painful.

God gave me this puzzle analogy to teach and remind me that everything is a process. It is good that we have a goal in certain things, but often God wants to deal something within us first before we reach it. Israel was in the wilderness for 40 years before she reached the land of Canaan. God lead me to a longer path while molding my character along the journey and He asked me to be grateful for each piece of puzzle I have right now. He reminded me that although I may not understand the piece of puzzle I got, I still need to be grateful. It is natural to let dissapointment sink in our hearts as our expectations do not match with the reality. But again, God places many pieces in our lives to remind us that "My way is not your way." Be grateful. It is as if God was saying, "Keep the piece and I will show you what for it is later on."

Do you know that it is much easier to arrange the puzzle from its sides? So the first thing that we need to do is to find puzzle which have straight side whether on their left, right, upper, bottom sides. Then eventually once we finish with it, we will get a kind of rectangle frame of puzzle. Notice this, once we surrender our puzzle of life to God, He will make its frame first. What is the frame? It is God's Words, His commandments, His boundaries. Most of us do the puzzle randomly. We start in wherever we like. Then somehow we lose direction and completely get lost in the middle. But God's ways are simple. He only asks us to rest upon His shoulders and walk in obedience. Step by step, He will make His path clearer to you.

The greatest challenge in doing the puzzle is when you have pieces with similar color. Moreover when it comes to black or other dark color. Everything looks so pointless. It describes our situation in difficulties of life. We may cry out to God, "Why do you put me in this situation? Why do you ask me to love such a difficult person?"

Hopelessness is a tempting friend in this area. Most of people get frustated and give up. But God is saying, "Keep going. Keep trusting. I know what to do. I am in control." The truth is there is something that only God can do and there is also something that only you can do. Our task is to know the difference. It is not our job to change people or situation, but it is our privilege to shine like stars revealing God's light in everyday's life. The rest is God's part. Most of us tend to "help God" by using our own way to change people or situation. But it is just never going to work. It is not a cliche quote which says, "Do your best, let God do the rest." How can I do my best? Just shine wherever you are.It is a profound truth.

Do you see obstacles that lies in front of you? It seems like a huge walls standing between where you are and where you want to be. Here is what I've found. The so called 'walls' are sometimes a 'white fence in God's eyes. Our obstacles sometimes are the one which protects us as well as a white fence protect the home within. It takes patience to stand still and obeying God as He prepares us to be ready. And it takes step of faith to step out the white fence. God is so much bigger than our problems. And what we think as a problem can be something which protect us from a bigger problem. A bit hard truth to swallow huh? :D

When we complain, our joy cease, and the devil rejoice. A long journey will be more enjoyable when we have companions and when we do not bother on how far we still need to go. Surround yourself with people whom will strengthen your faith and encourage your walk with God. Bother not about how far you should need to walk on but bother how fruitful you are along the journey. God's will unfold and put all the pieces together in its beautiful picture. There is a reason behind everything. A wonderful one. Keep persevering! Do not lose your enthusiasm!

So we must not grow weary in doing good, for in due time we will reap, if we do not give up (Galatians 6:7).

Let the peace of Christ be in control in your heart, and be thankful (Colossians 3:15)

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