April 11, 2012

My Dreams

Every little girl has dreams dancing in their minds. I don't really remember what I was dreaming about when I was a child. What I remember is that my 'dreams' changed so often haha :D I had a dream to be a singer, pianist, violist, and many moree (wew..) Now I am a grown up woman, 22 years old, have been redeemed by the great love of Jesus Christ, and I have dreams again :D But this time, I bet that it will be 'mature' dreams.. Those which are not always about me, but Him :)

#1 To have a great intimate relationship with Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is my Dream Giver. He shall be the most important person in my life. My life should be built around Him daily. I shall want Him like bees crave for honey, babies crave for pure milk.

How to achieve? Set aside quality time regularly to study His Words, pray, and journaling my conversation with Him. The duration at least one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening.

It is being said that the relationship with Jesus is the most important relationship you can have. I believe the longer I dwell in His presence and obey His Words, the more I will be transformed like His image :)

#2 To serve and influence others to grow in love with Jesus Christ

To be His witness should be done through both of my conducts and my words. He has said that I am called to be salt and light on this earth. I need to make a difference in this world. I need to create the sense of heaven wherever I go.

How to achieve? Fill my mouth with kind words, affectionate eyes, sincere heart, and polite manner. It's like being Christ's ambassadors where everything I say and do is a reflection of whom the God I serve. Get involved in ministry to share what I have learned from Jesus, taking care of His sheep faithfully and responsibly.

#3 To build a Godly marriage and home sweet home

Marriage for me is the highest calling and ministry in life. It is where the greatest challenge exists and the most rewarding ministry. It is where I will be molded to be like Jesus Christ through the death of my ego and prioritizing others more than myself (of course I do not need to wait until I get married to do that :D)

Home sweet home.. is a matter how I build an atmosphere which is all about love, affection, honor, honesty, and caring for one another. It about being a proverbs 31 woman, a wise wife and mother for my future children.

How to achieve? First, I need to be fully devoted to Jesus Christ in order to be able to build Godly marriage and home sweet home (read: a whole person). I need to prepare myself to be a wife and mother too ;) Mastering housework (even I may not do this all day) and developing Christlike character (again!) are a must! Second, I need to marry the one who shares the same passion and vission with me ehem!) Third, I need to keep depending on God's grace to give me strength, patience, and wisdom to make my family as His Kingdom's miniature on this earth ;)

A glance about me and him ...

My dream for us is to build a great foundation for future marriage in Christ. I want to build this relationship upon a Rock by Grace through Faith. I want our relationship to be a blessing to whoever see us. To give witness to the world that a Godly love story does exist. To truly reflect how Christ loves the church and the church submits the Christ.

Seeing broken marriages around does not make me losing my hope. Not because I'm naive, but because I have favor of God as His Princess :) I am so grateful to have you, Jabrik :D I love the one I trust, and surely you are the one whom I can trust whole of my life #huggie
Oh surely I need to honor him from now on :D I need to shower him with kind and loving words, caring attention and deeds, spend great quality time with him, and support him in every area of life ;)

Oh also.. I have to keep my room and my current house tidy :p Need to be dilligent to clean up all things. Need to try some experiments in cooking ;) Jabrik, I promise you not to cook everyday but will serve you with my best eat-able cooking :D (not a quiet romantic statement haha :p) My cooking are delicious but I need lots of hours to make it #excuse haha :p

#4 Write a book and be a public speaker to influence the world with Kingdom values

Ehem.. I am on the way to do this by writing now :D I keep on learning to improve my writing, expand knowledge by reading good books, and improve my communication skill too ;) Oh do you know that communication is more about listening than talking? Yup.. I need to improve my listening skill and try to improve my memory in remembering names (#blusing).

How to achieve? Read, read, read. Write, write, write. Listen, listen, listen, talk :D .... DAILY! I need to discipline myself to read and write regularly. Build relationship with those who have more experience on this area than I do :) Never stop learning and growing! :D

#5 God can restore my family

It's my deepest longing that Mom, Dad, Sister, and Brother can be united harmoniously in the love of Christ. Nothing is impossible for Him ;) I believe that. I always do.

How to achieve? Prayer, prayer, prayer. Fervently and tirelessly. Some may assume that praying is like doing nothing. Yup.. it seems so. It's actually about I surrender and let God works :D of course i also need to keep doing my part by showing God's love to them (not to shower them sermon #blushing) Acts speak louder than words, don't they?

#6 Money should not be a problem
It is sad for me that many people fight and use other people for the sake of money. So being financially independent is a must for me. I want to use money to serve Christ's kingdom and have more time to serve Him also ;) I believe that our time does not have to be invested mostly at work. There are many jobs out there who can give you freedom in time with maximum return ;)

How to achieve? Trade and invest smartly ;) Live generously (giving for God's purpose).

I do not think that giving money to every one who asks for is wise. There's one proverb which says, "Give him a fish then you will feed him for a day, teach him how to fish you will feed him for a life time." Thereby, my reasons are quite simply because fishes doesn't make you grow. It can only fulfill temporary needs but at the same time it can destroy characters. So here again, the wisdom of God is needed :)

I give back my dreams unto God's hands for I believe that if I can achieve any of these things, it will be because of Him who works behind the scene. May all the glory be only for Jesus Christ! :)

So what are your dreams?

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