February 01, 2012

A Gift from Above

If a sunrise has a song to tell
If the chirping of love birds could say one thing
If the brilliance of diamond could shine ever brighter
None of these things can touch my heart
in comparison with the love you have given,
the devotion that will last

Through day and night, through joy and sorrow
Together with you, we shall endure
Though oceans may roar, people may oppose
We will always be safe in God's mighty hands
In the boat of His love we'll sail it through

How dazzling the gaze of eyes in love
How amazing when two hearts become one
How wonderful you are, as the gift from Above
Firm and gentle, patient and kind, strong and wise
I have it enough and it is not a fairy tale

I do not seek for perfection nor high expectation
A growing and loving heart has said it all
I could search throughout the whole world
Yet there will be none like you
My special prince and mighty warrior
A gurdian angel who will keep my family in peace

We still have a long journey of understanding
When there is doubt in between our hope becomes frail
Let us make a promise not to hurt one another
For how can a bird fly with just one wing?
Together we can soar up higher and reach our goal
It is when we fight we need to embrace the most
Hold unto one another and we will be alright

As time goes by, age may toils body
Yet I could see the light that will never dim
The smile that will never fly away
The warmth that will never grow cold
Without a shining sword, armor, or a great white horse
You will always be my prince now and forever
and nothing could ever change that

With faith I treasure my gift from Above
Meeting you has never been a coincidence
for the Lord knows before we say a prayer
that one day we will be together as one
I love you and always will be
You are in my heart and forever it will stay

-Leticia Seviraneta-

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