January 29, 2012

The Women's Best Friend

What do you think when you hear the title? Hmm.. who is or what is the women's best friend? You may remember a famous tagline which says, "A diamond is a woman's best friend" Yet is it true? Well, maybe generally yes, but for some it may not be even close to their true friend :) Yes, we women love beauty by nature. We love beautiful dresses, flowers, cakes, cookies, ice cream, and many more. We adore beautiful scenery, great interior design, great matched color tone, and heart-touching movie. Yet no matter how much love we give to the stuff mentioned previously, still it cannot replace the longing of our heart for a true friend, the best one. Although we have many girlfriends, there is only one person in this world who can turn our world turn around just like heaven. You probably can guess it ;) Yes, it is the man whom we love. Our diamond is the hearts of men whom we loved :)

I believe that it is an indescribable joy to have best friend turns into lover. Why do I say so? Since I know that feeling is fickle. As the time goes by, you may do not feel the intense thrill as the beginning of relationship. Yet true friendship is the only thing that will last. As we become older, we can realize that we are in need of a bestfriend who accompanies and understands us at the very best rather than for physical pleasure only. Yet how can our man becomes our best friend when friendship stage even wasn't being included in the beginning of our relationship? I found that most of couple begin relationship with a fast-track which cut all the way through friendship stage into romantic phase. We build relationship because there is already attraction from the beginning. It becomes more rare a man is willing to introduce himself to woman with a pure intention of becoming friends. Every body is opening for every chance that could emerge any time, any where, and any how. Then in the end.. we wonder what went wrong when it frustrates or fails us.

So, is there any wrong pattern here. Yes.. impatience. There are many aspects of our lives that should be revealed gradually not all at one time. Being intimate too soon is a great recipe for disaster. Take your time to build friendship and know the man through the good and the bad times very well. I personally doubt my choice when I haven't seen him in bad times. There are many things that cannot be talked, it has to be seen in daily lives. That is why direct communication, togetherness in routine activities, and a strong community are very strong fundamental aspects in building healthy friendship at first. I always feel unease when relationship becomes too exclusive. Surely, the tagline "the world belongs to us" sounds very romantic. Yet true romance for me is when your heart can soar high but your mind can still stand on the ground of truth. The best benchmark that determine whether our relationship is heading to the right or wrong way is by measuring it up to God's word as the absolute truth in our lives. Does our relationship glorify God? Does it pleases Him? Does it bring each of us closer to God? Does my way of doing this relationship brings out my partner's best for his/her future?

I like how Joshua Harris, author of "Boy Meets Girl" described a match made in heaven is when we can combine romance with wisdom. As far as I have seen, there is no wisdom born in a rush. Wisdom is always a result of countless practice in discerning God's will and submitting to His will instead of ours daily. It is only when we truly desire God's will as the best in our lives that we can truly pursue it with all our might. Frankly speaking, there is no wisdom in tossing your hearts here and there before the time you are ready to consider marriage as your goal in certain period of time. This is a common practice which most people do. We do 'trial and error' game in order to gain experience. But a heart should not always need to be broken in order to feel true love in the end. There is another way, a better way. And that way involves patience. It is waiting for God's timing. As Joshua Harris stated, before you are ready on for marriage, wait on romance.

A heart that has been preserved for its very best will be the most beautiful diamond a man can ever give to his woman. He is free to love her with all his heart, without fear that she will break it. His heart can lean on her safely for he knows God who hold their relationship from the very beginning til the end. He doesn't rely on his own wisdom nor experience to find her, yet rely on God's guidance. He doesn't step forward before even God asks him to. It may seem weird to the world, but does it matter? As long as he seeks
to please God, it is just a matter of time that God will bring his Eve to his trust. Wait patiently in Him, and in its due time you will reap a bountiful of harvest. He is always give the best for you. Will you be a woman's best friend?


  1. Hi there! I love reading ur blog. Seems like we have one thing in common which is to write things about relationship through the eyes of God's way. This post is similar to what i posted long ago about best friend. check it out and good to know this blog of yours! GBU


  2. hola hola.. ever heard about you from my besties, mariska adriana.. told me that she loves ur writing.. and so do i :D keep writing and be a blessing for others :)