December 10, 2011

You Will Find Me

God promises us that if we seek Him with all our hearts, we will find Him. Seek Him not merely in multitudes of congregation at Sunday church, but a daily intimate communion with Him. For this has been His longing from the beginning of creation, the one thing that we often miss out from our lives. Seek Him for who He is, not for what we can get from Him. When we love someone, we hardly like to know that they only come to us when they want something from us. Our God, our ultimate Lover, longs to know us personally and intimately. John 17:3 says, “And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” The word “know” here in Greek is “ginosko” which means to be involved in an intimate, growing relationship. This same word is used in Genesis 4:1, where it says, “Adam knew Eve and she bore a son.” So this means the most intimate relationship possible! Jesus lived and died so that we would have an intimate, growing, personal relationship with God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Wonderful isn’t it?

Prayer is being intimate, quietly sensing each other’s presence, being totally available to one another. It’s a communion between two lovers: a relationship, not rules. Lovers come together whenever they can to share what is on their hearts. Their relationship is characterized by joy and spontaneity, not legalistic bondage. True prayer is a crying of a heart, a shout of joy and praise, and a moment to enjoy one another with our Lover of soul. We have not truly find Him until we meet at the depth of peaceful silence. Just wait upon Him and delight in His presence. And you will find Him.

God designed marriage between man and woman just like an intimate relationship between Him and us. The groom and the bride. The husband and the wife. Two become one. Ultimately make the Heaven on earth. A great marriage consists on two who pursue His image in every way of their lives. God is at the center on their marriage and His words are being laid as a solid foundation of every step they would take. Yet to make it happen, we have to endure the waiting process. As we wait upon the Lord, it takes two loving hearts to wait for God’s timing to build a home. We do not get married simply because it is a ‘mating season’ in which most of our peers marry too. We do not get married because it is better than to be lonely. We do not get married because we want sex without feeling ‘guilty’. No, we want to get married because we want to build Heaven on earth. A fulfilling relationship that goes the distance and reflects God’s love for human being. We want to give birth to a generation who fears the Lord and become a world changer. With that kind of vision, we know that our way to work on this marriage, will entirely different from the world’s.

The question for those who are single are … who is the one whom I can partner with and how can I find him/her?

Maya Angelou said that a woman’s heart need to be so lost in Christ so that a man needs to pursue Christ first in order to find her. Yup.. she hints the big point. Pursue Christ first. I always believe that as I keep growing in Christ and focus for Him, I will meet the one who is doing the same thing too at the moment in somewhere out there. So my part as a woman is to pursue Christ and wait. For women do not seek. They wait. As women become the initiators, they will ruin their gift of mystery which God has designed every man to discover by themselves. What about men? Yes they pursue Christ too and initiate a relationship at the time when they are ready for a commitment to marriage. But why is this commitment to marriage is so being emphasized even in the early stage of relationship? We do not want to take a bus without knowing where it is going. We cannot take one’s bus and say, “Well, let’s see where we’re going. Hopefully we can get ‘there’. But if not, let’s just change the bus and move on with another ‘trial’.” Yet how many hearts should we break for the sake of those trials? Is it worth it? Or more importantly, does it glorify God?

That is why since Senior High I committed not to build romantic relationship with guys. It is just not the time for it yet. I did not want to be a ‘second-hand’. I’d like to give all ‘the first’ for my husband. I can imagine that it would be a truly indescribable experience. Another thing why should we preserve our hearts until marriage is simply because if we have experiences many broken hearts before, we have a tendency to bring ‘emotional luggage’ up to our marriage. It can be bitterness, fear, distrust, and so on. Of course if we have truly surrendered our hearts to Christ, He can heal all these things. But surely it takes time. Why should we take the risk?

I was kind of surprised to meet Jabrik who did the same thing like me. I mean, I believe there is somewhere out there whom God is preparing him just like the way He does to me. Yet still I hardly believe my eyes when it comes true! Dare I say that he is the one? Well, yes :) He is the one whom I can fully trust to build Heaven on earth together. How can I be so sure? Back to our personal relationship to our Heavenly Father :) We can check whether He reflects Christ or not. Of course, he is not as perfect as Jesus :p yet he surely is on the way to it ;) Does our road go smoothly? Well, no. We are facing a closed door now. We are being separated. But I believe it is within God’s plan and it is meant for a reason. How long will it be? I do not know. Waiting in uncertainty seems like a waste of time for most people. Yet for me, it is an action of faith. We believe our God is able to open the closed door by His power. So what should I do now? Waiting in faith. Preparing myself to be Godly wife.

I believe that waiting is always about a season for preparation. Many marriages fall because they lack of preparation. And for sure I do not want to have a fallen marriage, I want a rising marriage:) What things should I prepare now?

Character. I believe that to respect one as your head in a family takes a lot of humility and joyful submission. It has to be practiced by now. I have to respect those around me, even when I know they are wrong. It is still a long journey haha :p I am still learning to treat others as I would like myself to be treated. My selfishness has not died yet. I believe a beautiful marriage can only happen when there is not even a hint of selfishness (what a high standard huh?) Thereby I’m still pursuing it now and maybe for the rest of my life. I believe that practice makes perfect ;)

Skills. A home does not built merely by a mutual feeling. It takes work to make it growsJ The art of home making, educate the children, and so on. I like to learn everything in advance before I practice it. It gives me a great blue print of what I should do in order to achieve this and that. Knowing these makes me feel safe and confident to put it into practice one day. That is why I devour books, seminars, articles, etc regarding relationship, marriage, and family. My dream one day is to teach it for younger generation so that they too can build a Heaven on earth :)

A home stands strong when wisdom of God is laid as its foundation. I take this waiting season for a privilege for us to grow in God :) Again, even though we are being separated, we can meet each other in prayer to God. You can always find me there. As we seek Him with all our hearts, we will find one another too. You will find me at last.

I’ll be waiting you in God.

So if you come to Him, you will find me.

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