December 21, 2011

Now and Forever

Some things are meant to end at some point of time. Even our life too has to end one day. Yes, there are many things that is beyond our control as human being. We cannot determine when things begin and when it stop all the time. But surely, there are also certain things in which we decide to begin and to end, a relationship. It is not something beyond our control. We decide with whom are we going to make friends with, marry with, laugh and cry with, and so on. We also decide whether we will stay in heart-breaking relationship or not. We can choose our own way or God's way in doing our relationship. We can choose good over bad, better over good, and best over better. We can walk through a direction in which leads to eternity. Hence, based on our decision, we can make some things last too.

There is one saying, "If it is not happy ending, then it is not the ending." You may , "What about people who die in poverty? Can it be called as a 'happy ending'?"It is important to know that our definition of a 'happy ending' often different from God's definition. No, God does not like seeing us to suffer. He makes all things work for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28). But somehow what God sees is so unreachable with our finite eyes. We cannot see as far as He sees, but we can only trust that He knows the beginning and the end, and there's nothing is out of His control. We can rely on that. Your 'suffering' now one day will end. For there is nothing last forever on this earth. Our lives is like a mist, a vapor which exists today but gone tomorrow. We are dust, yet God treasures us so much as the apple of His eyes. How marvelous! And from this understanding, we can come with deep humility that we are human and He is God. He can do whatever He pleases. And although we cannot understand now, we can trust the unknown future to the known God, who is all good and all faithful. There is not even a hint of evil and darkness in Him. His ways will always lead to happy ending in a way that we often cannot even imagine.

What I mean by we can make some things last itself is limited in terms of our time on this earth. Our 'everlasting' is until we take our last breath. Although it is quite finite in comparison what God refers to eternity, our everlasting relationship on this earth will give us a glimpse of what God has stored in the later life. There will be such a deep fulfillment when one can enjoy intimacy with their closest people and it lasts until the end of their life. It can be friendship, brother-sister hood, love relationship, family and so on. Yet somehow we invest too little for what gives us the most fulfillment. We get from one activity to another like a buzzing bees and wonder somehow why our relationship ends up like this. We do not even realize how could we get from a nice start to a heart-breaking end. This is where our choice plays a very important role. A relationship does not meant to start without any navigation where it leads to and how we can reach that. Yes there are so many relationship that we make in our lives based on 'coincidence' or blood-bond. We just think that it just happened and flow naturally. This is true in the beginning, but no matter how we start, we need to maintain and bring it through from one phase to another in order to grow.

In love relationship, many couple never plan to end what they have just begun from the very beginning. Yet few realizes that they will not reach some 'break up' point without walking into that direction intentionally. Yes, it is not something beyond our control as a couple. It is the cummulative of our tiny choices along the way. You may often hear that love is not a feeling, it is a decision. Many fall in love as a feeling at first, but in order to survive it has to be a daily decision, a commitment. There are some things that we should never choose and some things that we need to constantly choose to do to revive our love. We should never say hurting words, keep anger inside, and be critical all the time. Instead, we need to constantly show our love through both words and actions. In between, there is faithfulness that binds us together. If all people start a love relationship with such a determination, I am convinced that they will not reach to break up point. They simply never walk into that direction. A foundation is always built before building a home. So does a commitment, purpose, do's and don'ts need to be laid before we enter a relationship.

Isn't it awkward to talk about it? Why don't we just let it flow and time will tell us whether we can continue or not? Well, if you want to have one thousand miles trip, you cannot bring food and supplies for merely a day. If we want to have everlasting one, we need to make sure that all of our supplies has been ready and we must convinced that it is enough to sustain us along the journey :) I realize that not many people do these things. Yes, we do not belong to majority. Yet most of the time what most people do does not mean that is right. We even can feel devastated and wonder whether out standard is too high or not. It seems like we are looking for a needle in a stack of straws. Here is where it gets more interesting.. Do you know that it takes God to make a miracle? Do you know that it takes God to bring the suitable ones for you? We can seek by your own effort, but most of the time we will fail. For our eyes simply cannot see as far as God sees. Thereby, our relationship with God is the most important relationship we can ever have. For from that intimate relationship only we can hear His guidance in taking steps ahead. He will not let those who seek Him with all their heart walk in vain. He is so glad to reveal His will for you, but you need to takes steps to draw closer to Him. Afterwards, He will take the thousand steps to reach you. Be fulfilled in your love for Him, then He will give you the desires of your heart. He is your everlasting Father, He is God, He knows the best.

Our honor to God will determine how we live our lives. Many people fall into sins because they are the one who controls their lives. They sit at the throne of their hearts. But God asks us to give up the throne and allow Him to sit completely there so that He can lead you to a rich land. He never takes something if it is not for multiplying it. When He give command to maintain your purity and flee from sexual immorality, He doesn't take what you believe brings you pleasure. He simply preserves it so that you can enjoy it more in maximum satisfaction at His perfect time. He gives you the desires, He knows exactly how it should be directed to. Please wait for His time. There are too many people so impatient to wait and they lose the joy of the gift. God often demands us to wait for only in waiting our trust in Him can be refined. It is like the One saying, "Fix your eyes upon Me and trust Me. Be still and I will fight for you." Your decision to preserve what is sacred until His perfect time will bring you to the everlasting and fulfilling relationship. Some things that last need to be nurtured by costly steps yet in the end it is very rewarding :)

Over all these time

I realize that there are things that meant to be

It is when your eyes meet mine

and your hearts and mine united as one

For sure this is not a dream, not a fairy tale

Now and forever will never be too short neither too long

to wait for the miracle to come

When God say yes, who can say no?

Together we'll walk into the everlasting

For we build this not upon feeling

but upon the truth, the eternal Rock, our God

Whom without we are nothing

and impossibility will be our domain

Take heart, take courage

Good things worth the wait

and you exceeds them all

Have faith and let your soul be still

His timing is coming

Miracle is on the way

To make your dreams come true

-Leticia Seviraneta-

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