December 18, 2011

Not a Fairy Tale

Do you remember Cinderella, Rapunzel,Beauty and the Beast,Little Mermaid, and Sleeping Beauty stories? You may can add one newest fairy tale which can be watched in theatre such as Shrek too ;) Most of us think that these movies are merely for children. Thereby I often have difficulty to ask people to accompany me watching these 'cartoon' movies:p However, all of these stories have one thing in common ... they tell about a prince and a princess who eventually fall in love with one another, overcome their obstacles, get married, and live happily ever after. A fairy tale. Does that mean that these stories are purely fantasy? Many children grow in believing such stories only to trample it down as they start to see the 'reality'. We can say it, "Too good to be true" "impossible" and so on. Well, what does God say about it anyway?

It is interesting to realize that Jesus often describes His residence in Heaven as "Kingdom". Many parables has been shared to describe the Kingdom of Heaven in His teachings. So what is the Kingdom about? When I think of a Kingdom, I think of King, queen, prince, princess, and soldiers. It can be said that they are the permanent residents who live in the Kingdom. We may have been thought that God is our King of all kings. Try to imagine it for a moment. There are many kings in the world and He surpasses them all. His Kingdom is the largest of all. What all the kings have on this earth may only be just a few fraction of His treasures. You can sum them with a word "BIG" "GREAT" "AWESOME" or let just say it "INDESCRIBABLE" :D And God also tell us us that we are His children!

Romans 8:16-17
"The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God's children. Now if we are children, then we are heirs --heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory."

If we are children of King of all kings, then what our titles would be? Well, if you are a man then you are a prince. And if you are a woman then you are a princess ;) Just like the fairy tale you once believed. That is our real identity. Once we realize that we are prince and princess, our attitude will not be the same again. But the difference between the prince and princess in God's Kingdom than the kingdom of the world is that our attitude does not change simply because we have to, but because God who lives in our hearts beautify us naturally as we obey Him :)We do not need a crown, a throne, a place, and a beautiful and luxurious attire to be called as prince and princess. For our royal identity is being revealed more by our heart attitude rather than looks. So what makes a prince is truly a prince and what makes a princess truly a princess?

You are a prince when ...

#1 You highly value women as God's treasure

Wow.. how does being a prince related to how we treat women?? I believe that the real value of man lies on the way they value a woman. For it takes deep humility and respect to see the one as not someone below them. It takes a sacrifice of pride to put their needs above yours. It takes perseverance to understand women, doesn't it? :p For women are designed to think and act differently from men. This too.. will be a great test to shape your patience :) No, it does not mean a man who does that is weak, indeed he reveals they are strong enough to defeat his greates enemy.. himself. Jesus, our Prince of peace, never (never!) devalue women. He appreciated their givings and ministries, he never thought they are under men as the society treated them so. Remember as you enter God's Kingdom, Jesus is your brother. Act like Him :D

#2 You protect women and place their safety as your priority

A prince is simply a protector and defender of women. Remember all those fairy tales? Most of the theme is about how a prince try to rescue the princess (except Little Mermaid and Cinderella I guess haha :p) You should never demand a princess in your life when you do not even prove that you are able to protect them. Not merely protecting them from external enemies, but protecting them from your lust too (sometimes you can be as danger as wolf :p)Blessed will be a princess in the hands of a prince whose main concern is her safety. Surely, she can rest safely under his arms :)

#3 You never forget to shower your woman (not women) with words and acts of love

It is not about being romantic. It is about bringing happiness to the princess. True prince lose sight of himself and highly prioritize his woman needs. As a woman, I believe that these words and acts of love will definately sprinkle my kingdom :p For God has wired women from the very beginning as the receiver ... of love. If a woman has received much love, she could not bear to pass it on for others. Of course, our main source of love should be God first for He is the one who will never dissapoint us. But the second in place.. is simply the man whom we love, our prince.

#4 You are productive in order to provide for their well being

A prince should never be lazy. It is a big no no no! A prince will definately take the responsibility to provide for his Kingdom. He will go out on the battle out there and fight for the sake of the welfare of His Kingdom. And he does that with love as his driven motivation, not ambition nor recognition. For if he does that with the power of love, he will not get worn out easily. He knows his focus, he knows what matter most. It is his Kingdom :)

#5 You honor God and parents as authority in your life

You're still a prince! Remember? Yes, sometimes prince thinks that he is King of all kings, thereby he refuses to be under authority in this life. Know your place. You are a prince for sure and that means you have quite much privilege given by your King. But never forget about the Giver, our God. And never forget from where you came from, your parents.

A prince is not a perfect man. He is a growing man who learn from his past and keep persevering to be a better man WITH God's strength, the King.

So what about the princess?

You are a princess when ...

#1 You respect the men in your life
The men here will include your prince, siblings, and your earthly daddy. As the value of man relies on how he values women, so does the value of woman relies on how she values men. If your prince is the head of the kingdom, then respect is your crown as a princess :) Your crown will make you easier to follow his leading. We are princess when we do not try to manipulate and take control of the kingdom to get what we want. Instead, we furnish them by the example of our love deeds. Yes, a princess is lovely not because of her cute face, but her loveable attitudes. She does not win hearts by force, but by love.

#2 Your mouth speaks kindness and wisdom

Women's mouth often be used to criticize, gossip, nag, scream, and so on. Yet a princess knows that her mouth can either create or destroy life. Hence, she withholds her tongue wisely and only use it for things that lifts people up not tear them down. She encourages her prince knowing that her influence matters much for him. She chooses to remain in silent rather than throw out bad words when she is in anger, but she does not keep the wrongs for a long time. She is able to communicate truth with a gentle tone and kind words to rebuke what is wrong.

#3 You wear modest clothing to guard and honor men

It is our part to help men's eyes who tend to be weak when they see too much skin exposed. A princess knows how to mix and match her clothes so that she can still look attractive but without showing off too much of her skin. Since she honors men, she does not want her fellow men fall into temptation simply because she thinks the clothes will look cute. She knows what has to be prioritized and what has to be sacrificed.

#4 You have dreams and vision in whatever area you are entrusted for

Being supplied by a prince does not mean a princess sit idly and pamper herself. A princess gives her energy, talent, and attention to meet the needs of others. The princess of the world born to served and enjoy the luxury of life, a princess in God's Kingdom knows her happiness will depend on her contribution in the life of others. She has dream to make a different in what she can do now. When she becomes a wife, she has vision for her husband. When she becomes a mother, she has a vision for her child. She works hard to make these visions come true :)

#5 You draw your love and strength from God alone

The difference between princess in God's kingdom and ordinary women is that she relies on God alone to supply the strength and love to do the best in every thing. It becomes her nature when she does it as an outflow of her love relationship with her creator. She will not nag and beg for attention from her prince, since she has been loved fully already by her God. She has been whole. Her prince gives more colour in her rainbow but God has set eternity rainbow in her heart which will not fade away. She sees life with bright optimism and cheerfulness that comes from ... God alone.

A princess may not have a beautiful face, but attractive. She will have the most amazing heart you will find it hard to find. It is only in growing in love with Christ that you will find her, for her heart is buried deeply in Him ;)

Together a prince who has found her princess is going to build God's Kingdom on earth. Once they have children, they will be the king and queen of the kingdom. The queen will nurture her children so well until a boy becomes a prince and a girl becomes a princess. There is one saying, "You know that the one who appreciates and honor woman has been raised by the hands of a queen." A mother is the queen of the house which will impact so much on the life of their future generation. What a privilege! The king's presence in the each development of his children will make them grow stonger and more confident to conquer the world. Their kingdom (read: family) will be an overflowing blessing to the kingdoms of the world. For it is built not by the hands of men, but the miracle of God who makes two loving hearts met,grow, and multiply. Does this story end well? Yes, they live happily ever after. And this is ... not a fairy tale.

I realize that some of us may come from not ideal background of kingdom. Some of us may never experience how does it feel to be raised in the hands of a king and queen. Most married people have no idea what does it mean to be forever couple and wise parents. Most of us learn by doing and sometimes we fail. Yet if we read this by now, there are some things that you can learn before hand in order to do it wisely in the future. First, remember your identity always. You are a prince and a princess of King of all kings who are going to build God's kingdom on earth. Be like one, act like one. Do not seek examples from the world. Seek example from your Big Brother, Jesus Christ, the Real Prince. Second, have vision in your stage of life for the kingdom and others. If you are a princess now, have a vision for what you can do as a princess. When you have become a queen, have a vision for what you can influence as a queen. Again, this is not a fairy tale... with God's help, it would be the greatest epic in human history with love as its grand theme. And you are the key player in this story. Go, safe, protect, defend, and love your princess!

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