December 26, 2011

Music Box

I recall an animation movie titled "Anastasia". It was my favorite movie when I was a kid. It tells about a story of the lost princess who hold the key to the music box and wore it as her necklace. In the end, the reunion between her and her grandmother was proven by the opened music box and she could sing the song that her grandma used to sing to her in the past. I always love the sound of music box :) Of course the good quality ones. It sounds like a combination of sweet ringing bell and touchy melody. Most of the music box has a doll in the middle which can revolve each time we open the box. It can be a ballerina or a princess :) Our life is like a music box. There are moments when we try to recall memories of past by opening the box. We can find a sweet memories being revolved in our mind or the bad ones. We can choose which memories deserved to be repeated over and over again and we can also choose not to open the music box which remind us for something brings us sorrow and anger. We can stop it anytime we like by simply closing the box. Yet most of us are too enchanted with the melody until we reluctant to close it. Then we live by the shadow of the past and fantasy.. either good or bad memories we should not forget that they are just a memory, it does not any longer exist in our present reality.

This music box I am going to refer now talks more than just a memory, it is about forgiveness. Many people who dwells in bad memories find it hard to forgive. It is simply because the memories are still so vivid in their eyes as they keep opening the music box. It is easy to say and write this beautiful words, but in fact we have to admit that it is harder to put it into action. To forgive is to forget. But to forget is not to forgive. Many people choose to forget and think by doing that they have forgiven people who had hurted them. They are simply just ignoring the problem and one day once the music box is opened, the pain can be still there. At the same time, we may ask, "How can we forgive and forget? Aren't memories cannot be deleted as simple as that?" Yes, we cannot forget the bad memories, but we can choose to forget its pain. We can listen to the music box when we have forgotten the pain of the past. "But how can we forget the pain?" God will certainly help you if you are willing and time heals :) When I decided to follow Christ, God challenged me to forgive. I remembered at that day I have to wash a man's feet and I have to imagine as if I wash the people's feet who has inflicted me with pain. I was 15 years old at that moment and it truly became my liberating experience. Yes today they are still making mistakes, but they are no longer hurting me. Jesus forgives us, why shouldn't we forgive others?

Unforgiveness stands as a wall in our channel of love. We can never truly love someone when we hold onto bitterness toward the same person or the others. Many of us prefer to hold onto the pain for we think that it makes us looks stronger. We stand proudly and gives a revenge by ignoring the person whom have hurted us. I have to admit that loving a bitter person takes an extra grace coming from God. I come to a point where it is not me who can love them, but only God who lives in me. What a humbling experience.. Many of us wait for others to apologize first to us. But is it truly an apologize is all we need? For forgiveness is a decision that we make by ourselves. It is something we give as we release the pain and no longer treat them with hatred whether they apologize or not.

Before you love, make sure you forgive. As I have stated before, we can be angry toward someone but bring that emotional luggage to other 'innocent' person. The more bitterness we hold in our hearts, the heavier the luggage and the bigger potential conflicts in your love relationship will be. We can be dissapointed toward someone, but never let the dissapointment or anger dwell any longer than a day. Aren't we all sinful human? What right do we have to keep our anger toward other human? Never regard ourselves are better or higher than any other, for when we do it we are more likely to be tempted to judge others. Why do we think that we are right and they are wrong? Aren't God is the one who is right? And even that we have studied His Scriptures so well and execute it in our lives, what right do we have? Yes, we are His children, but we are dust too. Our lives are like a vapor which will be gone one day.

What makes a music box beautiful? As we decide to collect the music of sweet memories and repeat it over and over again as we open the box, it fills our hearts with peace, love, and joy. Many music box can be used as the storage of jewelries too. If we want to bring a luggage, please bring the sweet ones. Take the lesson from the bad one, but leave the bad luggage in the past. Hate the sin, but not the sinners. Again, hate the sin, but not the sinners. Even God LOVES the sinners.. Don't we make ourselves higher than God when we think we have the right to hate them?

Our future relationship will depend on what music we have put into our music box now. Do we put jewelries or rubbish in there? But we don't have to go through these all alone. God besides us. He strengthens us. He understands your pain and therefore He is asking you to give it away so that you will no longer suffer from it. Forgive and be free.

Have a fulfilling future relationship :)

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  1. I forgive you already =D
    have you forgiven me?