December 08, 2011

Long, Love, Lost, Last

Our whole life starts with a longing, a cry in the heart. A well-directed longing will lead to the flowing river of joy, while a misdirected one will put an end to the joy itself. We long for justice, thus we defend the weak. We long for intimacy, thus we build intimate friendship. We long for anything that is wrong, thus we do all the illegal conducts. Our longing, in the end, shapes who we are in the present and who we will become in the future. No man is ever designed to be an island. No man is ever designed to be alone. Hence, a longing for companionship is one of the most fundamental longing which every man has. There will come a deep sense of fulfillment as an intimacy is being built either with family, friends, spouse, colleague, everybody. All of these longings can be sum up with one conclusion: we long for love.

Isn’t love a strongest force ever? It can make you, it can break you. It can make you smile, it can make you cry. No wonder, a misdirected such kind of force ... could break your heart the most. We often protect our belongings, yet we seldom consider to protect our heart, our core of existence. We let it be contaminated by worldly facts, values, systems; we let it to be broken by giving it to irresponsble human beings. When a heart is being misplaced, you can be sure that there is no guarantee that it will be safe. Our hearts have only one perfect place to dwell safely ... in God’s hands. He is the only one who can never break it for He is all faithful, all true, and all loving. He knows it. Therefore, He claims it. He asks you to offer your heart completely so that He can protect it. Isn’t that amazing? But we do not regard our hearts as precious as our Father does, do we? As a results, we experience heart breaks more and more. Then we start to doubt. Does love truly exist?

We gain and we lose. We had and we let go. There are some moments when we feel lost and lonely. Weak and weary. Rewind the memories behind, smile at the joy in the past, cry at the sorrow in the present, wonder for the coming tomorrow. Does love and lost seem inseparable? At the absence we start to appreciate the presence more. We sometimes do not realize how great our love for someone until he is gone. Yet lost is not a lost until you stop persevering. A love that is meant to be will never fly away, never gone. Their bodies may be separated, but their hearts are still one. No mind for fear, no space for doubt, no hint of jealousy, only trust to the God who is all powerful to unite us together again. Remember, nothing is impossible to our God. Never lose the one whom you love and love you back, but let go the one you love but does not love you back. You can tell the differenceJ

As the sun rises in the morning, never too early, never too late. So does true love comes to those who long and believe in God who is able to do so in His time. Love is the fulfillment of one’s longing. But if you hold your heart too dearly to the humanly love, you’ll get lost. You place your heart in a very fickle human emotion that may dissapoint you at times. You will lonely without their presence. If you hold your God dear at the heart, you will be able to stand to bear their absence. For a prayer sent to Him will be a love song for the human whom you love. He is our Author of love, our mediator of two loving souls. The lost will not be forever, it is just for a while. Our Author is up to something. He knows what He’s doing. He is making unimaginable love story which no mind can ever conceive beforehand.

Once you place these three: your longing, your love, and your lost under His arms, you can be sure that He is pouring out these to be a love that will last. A love that will endure forever. A burden should be given for the muscle to grow. Hardships should come as the test of love. Endure well the process, never give up, never stop believing. It is just for a while. It is just for a moment. It will end. And the glory revealed in the end will be far worth the wait. Trust starts losing its power as we grieve for our lost more than be joyful in spite of our current situation. Our joy in the Lord will be our strength. It is a vital ingredient for a love to last.

Do not long for a love in your way. Do long for a love in God’s way. Done in complete purity and selflessness. Always wait to keep the best for the last. Commit to keep the gift celebration of love until marriage. Protect one another with all your might. Quarell not for it will not result in peace. Speak gently for by that love is being nurtured. Expect nothing in return. For if you do, no sincerity lay as your ground of love. Do not be merely kind when you have something you want from her, but be kind when she cannot even give you anything back. Isn’t that hard? Maybe that is why our God mold us in such a way through difficulties to develop these muscles. Woudn’t it be great when we meet one day we are ready enough to endure next challenges together?

Long for a pure love. Love selflessly. Lost temporarily. Last a love entrusted to you. For these are good gifts coming from the Father in heaven, who promises and never lies. He knows the beginning and the end. He shall bring it to pass. You will see. You will be amazed.

-Leticia Seviraneta-

Dear Jabrik, your cry has been heard. Start smiling like chubby #hugs It's been three weeks by now. Long to see you one day. I'll be waiting til the day comes. So if you come here, you'll find me.

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