December 03, 2011

Home at Last

After working hours when we’re asked by our colleauge, “Where are you going?” We answer automatically, “Going back home.” Often home is merely a house for us. It is somewhere we sleep regularly, take a bath, keep our personal stuff there, and so on. For those who works in Jakarta, they face a heavy traffic jam which cause them have to depart early and arrive late at ‘home’. No wonder a ‘home’ becomes a place we stop by for just a fraction of our whole time and we rarely get along with the ‘residents’ (read: family). Yet deep down inside us we know something is missing. Because a house is not a home, the residents are not just people. We long for a deep connection with them. We long for the atmosphere of love and acceptance which surround every corner of the house. Yet we often sees the ‘wall’ in reality that seems so hard to break down. And then we start to forget and live in our own way. It seems fine for a moment yet again.. you can never deny that the hole cannot be fulfilled. Because we are designed ... for a home at last.

I found a very beautiful description of home made by Aisha Patterson:

Home is the place your heart resides
Home is the place that you decide
Home is the womb that holds the soul
Home is the place where one is whole

Home is the glow you hold in your eye
Home is the emotion that makes you cry
Home is safe and a place of peace
Home is where all strivings cease

Home is protective against the others
Home is full of sisters and brothers
Home is where you find your rest
Home is where you feel your best

Home is a memory that follows your being
Home is a dream for those agreeing
Home is the place where reserves fall
Home is the place you yearn to call

Home is where the family meets
Home is a place of restful retreats
Home is the place you know you’ll be heard
Home is the pace where nothing blurs

Home is all these wonderful things
Home is the place you develop wings
Home is the place that you’ll find one day
Home is the place where your heart will stay

I believe that Aisha simply did not write this poem without experiencing it. I can feel the warmth of her heart that has been touched by a true home throughout each word expressed here. Home is not merely an idealistic dream. Indeed it is a very realistic need that each of us has at the core of our hearts that can come true as long as we never give up. The question now is... have we given up to the scream of our heart? Have we become bitter? Have we lost hope for a true home? If we do not believe that God is all-powerful to sustain a ‘fragile home’, then most likely the home will collapse. Your faith will induce the strength of joy to your home. We want to enjoy an intimate relationship with our family simply because God wired us that way. He loves when we are living in harmony. And He is in deep anguish when seeing the family are in fact... a stranger to one another.

Some people in search of another home when they hate their original home. Yes, we can find a home in encouraging friendship, romantic love, social activity. Yet nothing can ever replace our satisfaction when our original home is truly our home we always love to dwell with. Thereby, no matter how good the replacement is, no matter how loyal your friends have been to you, your family is your home. Love much, hate none. Trust much, lie none. Laugh and cry more, be genuine to one another. Break the walls, fill the hole. One step at a time, one small act of love everyday. A hug, a kiss, a gift, an encouraging words, a quality time, and your presence will be like the sun shines in a cloudy day. The change could be fast, it could be in years, it could be in a life-time. Yet it is always better to try than not trying. It may succeed, it may not as well. But along the process, we are refined. And that is irreplaceable J

Our Heavenly Father has promised that he has reserved a home for us in Heaven. A happy ending is always the end of His script. Some people may die because of accidents or disease, yet the end of our life is not truly the end of life in God. We live on this earth for more or less 70 years, yet we will live with God in Heaven for eternity. Our suffering now is temporary.. for the earth will pass away too. God has entrusted us a temporary home to dwell in this earth J He placed our daddy, mommy, brothers, sisters, friends as our family with a clear purpose behind. In God, there is no accident. Thereby, whatever has been entrusted to us, it should be taken care well by us J no matter how hard it is. God Himself will gives us the strength for it. He never leaves us alone.

I believe that our ultimate joy is finding our home is a real home. I understand that some people may not be as fortunate as others who has their biological parents with them. Some are left as orphans. Yet God always has his eyes for the orphans. He treasures them. He gives them us as their second home. Isn’t it beautiful? A home is strong when we care for one another. But you need to open your heart to be taken care tooJ No body has to live alone. If we find it is hard to get along with everybody, maybe it is us who needs to change.

One of my big dream is to build a home with Jabrik J #hugs. Please noted again.. not a house, but a home J Thereby I am so much concern to build a strong foundation for this future home. Psalm 127:1 says that, “Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.” A strong foundation of a home is not built based on romantic love. It is just a fraction of the whole construction. It is also not merely also based on mutual interest although it has a part too. It is stated clearly in the Scripture that all other materials besides God Himself will end in vain! We are merely human, He is God. Our wisdom is like a foolishness to Him. We think we can get married and everything will be ‘flow like a river’. But the marriages that fall apart have become a living proof that we cannot just stay following the current. Most of the time, we have to go against it. Because we want to build a home that goes the distance, the one that makes a difference. A home that will be a living testimony that our God is truly a living God. We have a great home not because we are all saints, but because the good God sustains us J What a humbling experience!
Some couple spend their weekend in watching movies in theatre, hang out to the mall, and anything else that can be categorized as ‘having fun’. It’s not that I dislike movies, but I know that watching movies together sometimes decrease our time to know one another and to search God together. Since I want to build a strong foundation, watching movies is not my priorityJ I wonder whether Jabrik thought me so strange when I said that I don’t want to watch movies but I want to read a good book together hahaha :D Call me a nerd, that’s okay :p Jabrik has become the one who has increasing understanding about my priority in a fast phase J What is important for me, is important for him too. What is important for him, is important for me as well #hugs. And that is why I call this is a growing love. I believe that God has arranged everything according to His plan. We met and love one another not by accidents. It was, is, and always will be ... a miracle.
The time will come when we share our home with all of you J I have not met him yet, yet I always wait for God’s timing for it. I wait not because he is the one who can make me a home. I wait because he is the one whom I can partner with to build a home, a Godly one. Home will come, home at last.

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