November 23, 2011

Why Not?

I was 15 years old when I truly accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. Yet I found a great turning point happened to me when I was 19. It happened while I was dancing for worship in Youth Camp UPH. Before that I never quite ‘heard’ God’s voice. But at that moment it sounded very clearly and suprisingly. My only thought at that moment was ‘I long to serve God. I love teaching. I have hearts for youth.” And He simply answered, “Why not?” Two words that changed my whole perspective. You know it is God when it takes faith to step forward. You know it is from God when its size is big and becomes a blessing for others.

Since I read a book titled “I Kissed Dating Goodbye,” I had a yearning for young generations to live in purity, to guard their hearts regarding in relationships with opposites, to glorify God in their singleness season. My heart breaks seeing broken relationships, trial and error game, and eventually broken marriages. I learned that great marriage are not just happened automatically.
You may call me naive, but I always dream to have one relationship that goes straight to marriage. Yes, one is enough. Smart people learn from ‘experience’, yet smarter people learn from others. You don’t have to go through all the broken hearts in order to find the one. Your heart will be definately broken when you finally meet the one!! For me, this is a serious business. We won’t take a bus without knowing our direction. We should not get into relationship that has no commitment to marriage. That is why I wait until I’m ready for marriage before entering a relationship. And that what keeps me single all these years too JIt takes hard work, commitment, love of Christ above all else, and willingness to learn. I feel sad seeing many people enter marriage without solid foundation and preparation. Many people prepare for a wedding, but few really prepare and go the distance to create great marriage à my holy discontent.

I learned that waiting can be fun by preparing for the future to come. I devour a lot of books about relationship and marriage. They are my favorite topics J I never get bored with it. For me marriage is a very beautiful picture between Jesus Christ and us. It should be heaven on this earth. Therefore, I am determined to work for it eversince I was young. Many people mocked me that I only knew theory by reading. Yet I do not care what they say. All I know is I am preparing well. That is the best I can do in this waiting season.
I have a vision to build a Godly marriage, Godly family, educate Godly children, and minister to others so that they can be well-equipped to do the same thing too J In my opinion, to change a nation, you should start with the smallest unit, a family. A strong family will build a strong nation. This is my longing. My God-given dreams J
When God said, “Why not?” I stepped forward. Will you? What is one thing that disturb you the most? Will you be the part of the answer for it? Do not ignore every nudge in your heart. Respond to it and step forward with eyes of faith upon God. Together we will bring heaven on earth J

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