November 26, 2011

The Safest Roller Coaster

Have you ever heard that love is like a roller coaster? When it goes up, you heart beating fast, wondering what would happen next, cannot stop thinking about the thing that you will face in the next few seconds. When you’re in love, the whole world seems beautiful. Others can tell that your smile is different and it seems there is a music background to accompany each step you take when you’re walking. Your heart beating fast and always get anxious when you see him. Yet when the rolller coaster goes down, it seems the whole world that seems beautiful turn around. It is like an endless fear and pain that wanting to stop as soon as possible. You feel like it is such a long time to feel the roller coaster goes up again. Imagine if you’re riding the highest roller coaster on earth! It would be an endless waiting huh? Then the roller coaster goes on ... it keeps going up, down, make a cycle, and so on. So does your love journey.. there is laugh, there is tears. It is unpredictable, uncertainty lies ahead.

When you’re in love, you’re joining the roller coaster at all cost. You can only sit on the ride and accept all the consequences it offers to you. At the end of the journey, you’re
given the chance to get off from the ride, or you would like to continue over and over again. It does not mean that you have to switch your partners and experiment who will serve you the best. No, whoever you choose to be in love with.. you are joining the same roller coaster. Yet I would like to introduce the safest roller coaster.. the one which has seatbelts buckled on by faith in God and commitment to each other. Without that, you’re riding a roller coaster without seat belt. It might be safe enough when the roller coaster goes up, yet you know what will happen when it goes down. There is no security, no safety net, no guarantee that you will arrive safely.

You may think it seems ridiculous, doesn’t it? No one wants to ride a roller coaster without seat belt buckled on their body! Yet unfortunately, that’s exactly what people do when they entering a relationship without strong faith in God and commitment to each other. Try to imagine you’re saying to this partner this kind of vow:
“ I would like to take you as my partner in life. We will see what will happen next. If I am happy with you, if you’re always good looking, if you can always be patient with my weaknesses, if you can serve me well in everything I want you to do, you know that I will keep you on my side. Yet if you don’t do what I want, if anything outside our control hinders our love and creates obstacle that is too great to bear, maybe it is wise for us to put this relationship off. I love you with this condition. Will you be my partner?”

Whether you are a man or a woman, would you like to say “yes” to that kind of vow? Absolutely not! Yet many people do without realizing it. You see.. each of us longs for a guarantee that our love will last. We don’t think of breaking up when we’re just entering a relationship. Yet we don’t prevent that to happen. We allow many things that start to tear down our relationship. We allow our eyes to stare other people who seems more attractive to our partner, we allow the seed of doubt, jealousy, and suspicion soak in, we allow our ego and our selfish desire to rule, we never prioritize and seek what God really wants in our relationship, and in the end.. we can only find ourself in a downward spiral that leads to a lot of heartaches and broken relationship.

You may ask “Why?” at that moment. You may think there’s a trigger that cause it while there are a lot of things you do from the very beginning that don’t have intention to protect your relationship. You wear no seat belt. You don’t guard your heart and eyes. You don’t preserve your relationship in God’s way. As simple as thatJ
Many people said to me that all I know are just theory.

They said that when I am truly in a relationship, you know that it can’t always be as ideal as I always think of. Yes, it could happen ... but only when I allow it to happen. You see... wisdom is always learning beforehand and knows to do the right thing instead of going with the majority of people. When many people do something does not mean that what they do is right. Instead, you can see that what most people do turns to failure and that means it is not the best way.
When you feed your mind with God’s Word.. you know what is right to do. Yet what we’re lacking here is the faith itself in the Word. Can I believe that God has someone who truly loves Jesus with all he has? Can I truly surrender my love story to Him? What if He never wants me to marry? What if He plans me to marry around 40’s? You see.. the life that follows Christ, is the life of surrender. It means that you even surrender your probability to marry if God ask you to do that. It does not mean that God is evil because He ‘takes’ what’s precious to you. No, He is teaching you to believe in him and submit to His plan in your life rather than your plan/ He has the best in store for you, yet he can only give you when you empty your hands. Remember always that God is a giver, not a taker. When He closes the door, He opens the window J Our faith in God Himself, will determine our love story. Our commitment to each other, will preserve what we have built on.

What makes me ‘safe’ to be with him is we build this relationship upon faith in God and commitment. So we’re having our seat belt buckled on J Thereby, no matter what happens, we can be sure that our faith, hope, and love will endure. The world do not believe such thing could happen, yet God does. There is no impossibility in Him. We endure trials not by our strength, yet with His strength. Our love is not between the two of us, yet between the three of us. God, you, and me. As long as we’re focusing on God, we know that we can always find one another.

So, this is my vow to you:
I, take you, as my friend and love, beside me and apart from me, in laughter and in tears, in conflict and tranquility, asking that you be no other than yourself, loving what I know of you, trusting what I do not know yet, in all the ways that life may find us. I will always by your side through thick and thin and you will always find me when you run to God. It is not my romantic love that preserves us, yet God’s love and our love to Him. Together we will grow all the more into His likeness, will you be my partner?”
Would you say ‘yes’ to that kind of vow? Then be the one who says it J

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