November 28, 2011

The Most Beautiful Dress

I used to like shopping. When I was sitting on Junior High and Senior High School, my weekend was spent by going either with friends or family to walk through shop by shop in the mall (!!). You know ... when women put their confidence in what she wears, it is most likely she becomes a shopaholic. Buying things they don’t need and they don’t even wear at last. I love dresses the most :p My eyes can easily ‘catch’ a good dress on display haha :D I still love it by now yet I now understand that that’s not a place where I should put my confidence on. I have greater interest than that by now. I prefer something that last more eternally ... books or any resources to help me knowing my groom-to-be (read: Jesus Christ) more J For me that’s not ‘spending’, but ‘investing’. For your info, one of my treasure at home is my bookshelves ^^
Anyway, I would like to encourage all of you to think for a minute.. “Where do you putyour confidence on?” Ask more specific questions: Will you be disturbed and feel embarassed when you’re wearing a plain t-shirt and jeans in an unexpected formal occasion? Will you feel inferior when all your peers have a well-established job with great income as well? Will you feel uncomfortable when you’re walking alone in the mall? If
you say ‘yes’ to one of these questions, you know where you put your confidence on J Surely, it seems normal for us to say ‘yes’, yet we often forget what would God say to us regarding this kind of situation.

God always sees beautiful and precious. We are the apple of His eyes. So no matter what we wear, what we have, what we do, He keeps loving us. We are never be alone, since He’s always with us. When God becomes what matter the most in your life, you know that your confidence will not be placed in the wrong place. You can walk confidently with your plain t-shirts and jeans in a room full of people with tuxedos and night-gowns (of course you don’t plan to do that! Haha.. it is said, ‘unexpected’ :D) since you know that you look great in the eyes of God J Other people may stare at you with a strange or maybe a ‘judging’ look, yet who cares? God, the King of Kings, still think that you look great! :D You don’t need also to feel insecure when others seem to have more than youJ God has promised us to supply our needs according to the glorious riches in Jesus ChristJ Applaud those who succeed before you and learn humbly from them. You need not also to feel ‘lonely’ when you walk alone in the crowd. You don’t need to be surrounded by peers in order to look cool. You can be fine either you alone or with them too! When our confidence is in God and His Word, all these insecurities will evaporate. You can breathe a new fresh air and start enjoying every situation you face.

Women tend to place their confidence on what she wears, while men put it on how much he has. (Dear men, am I right? Hoho..) As a women I know how hard it is not to ‘deny’ our nature and start to shift our priority to what matters most to God. Yet I keep believing that God knows the best for us. When he asks for something, it must be for our own good J

1 Tim. 2:9-10
I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God.

In this scripture, we can see that there are two beautiful dresses that women of God needs to wearJ They are dignity and good deeds. These are our confidence J No need to wear expensive clothes, since what makes a woman beautiful in the end is her heart, her eyes, and her smile. These beautiful dresses cannot be bought by money. It has to be developed day by day as an outflow of our loving relationship with Jesus Christ J and for those who like to save their money there is good news: It is free! Free of charge! The only cost is your time. Will you giving your time for God and serve others?

In addition to the two beautiful dresses described by the Scripture, I also have one that is priceless too. My most beautiful dress is ... in the arms of the man whom I love. Everyday I can wear dignity and good deeds, yet this last dress.. is preserved only for His time. I wore it not so long ago, yet God shows us that it has to be kept until we have grown more in Him. If you believe in God-written love story, then you will understand this. This moment of separation is where our love is being tested, ourselves being pushed to grow, and our trust to one another is being strengthened. I still believe that distance can only make true love grows stronger. The fruit of waiting for God’s timing will always be sweet.

True love is not a theory. It is also not merely exist in the quotes of those ‘helplessly romantic’ people. No, it is real. I was the one who can only hear the glimpse of it. Yet now, I experience it J Eventhough I cannot see him for (may be) a quiet long time, I can be sure that God will always take care of him as I always pray about. Until when? We don’t know, but God knows. My greatest comfort is knowing that God is in control in everything. He knows. He understands. He cares. Our love story is beautiful because it is a story of surrendering to God and commitment to each other. And I can be certain that it will have a happy ending. Not by our strength, but by God’s J

So here are my dresses now: dignity and good works. And I’m waiting patiently and faithfully to wear the arms of the man whom I love in God’s timing. I am confident simply because I have these most beautiful dresses which is born through my relationship with Christ. What about you? Would you like to join in this journey? J

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