November 29, 2011

The Keeper's Heart

A goal keeper is the one who guards, protects, and defends the goal in order to prevent the opponents scoring points. Whether in soccer, ice hockey, water polo, or other kinds of sports, their role is the same. In a team player, they need each other. No role is more nor less significant to other. Yet a goal-keeper is the last defense which a team has. It can be said that they hold the last weapon when other weapons fall apart J No matter how good the other players defend the opponent’s striker, the heart of the game will be determined by the performance of the keeper himself.

The keeper’s heart is always about to guard and protect the one that becomes his area of concern. I believe that this is the role of a man in every area of his life which has been entrusted to him. It can be a company, employees’ welfare, grades at school, relationship, family, marriage, and most importantly his spirituality. As a man knows his genuine role, his life will be more productive and efficient. He aims not in a wrong target. He will not deviate to the left nor to the right. He will always be in a right track. Wouldn’t it be great?

Unfortunately, that’s not what actually happens in majority of Adam’s clan. Most of them have wrong perception in for what they were born. Instead to protect and defend the weak, his natural power is being used to abuse them. Instead of guarding what has been entrusted them, they tear them down with their ego. The lack of a supportive father’s image has been one of the root of the problems. Many men were born without any right guidance from a father, mentor, or good role models. Someone whom they can look up to with great assurance. No wonder the downward spiral continues endlessly and creates many depressed wifes, children, and peers.

Yet it has to stop here. Men not merely need to discover something new. They only need to remember the original design God has intended to be. To lead, to guard, to defend, and to protect those whom has been entrusted to him. One change will affect many generations and rebuild the healthy community.

One thing that is attractive here is a keeper’s heart does not begin automatically in a large scale. It is being developed through small matter we do in everyday life. You can know a man is a keeper when he honors women in every single thing. For example, he allows you to walk first in front of him rather than left you behind him. He walks on the edge of the crossroad so that the women do not walk too close to the vehicles. He values life. He must not love certain animals, yet at least he treats them well, as one’s precious to God. He treats his stuff well. He keeps it tidy and clean. Because he knows his belongings are simply God’s gifts entrusted to him. He has favorite foods and never get bored with it. He knows exactly what his like and dislike, yet can do things they dislike if it is necessary. The clear sign every keeper’s has is they never get bored with routine life. They are consistent and focus in what they do. They are not easily distracted with other things that does not become their priorities. Wow.. what a list! Yet instead doing all of these as obligations, a keeper will always do this naturallyJ It flows from deep understanding that this is why I was born. It has a sense of purpose ... and all of these ultimately will glorify God Himself J

My favorite restaurant is ‘Hachi Hachi’, a Japanese sushi restaurant J I have fixed menu which I always order anytime I drop by. Here are my list: black dragon roll, salmon sashimi, edamame, chicken teriyaki caesar salad, and beef teriyaki fried udon J Yummyyy.. (this menu can be reduced according to the amount of people who accompany me haha.. I can’t eat all of these alone :D ) But the thing I would like to point out here is ... I never get bored with it. So does a keeper always do. At last, it takes an effort, a discipline, and a consistency to hold unto the commitment to make a marriage last with full pleasure. We do not want to hold unto ‘marriage’ simply because we cannot escape from it. We want to keep in it simply because it is very enjoyable. If you are an easily-get-bored person, do not let this under estimate your nature. Yet let us learn bit by bit how to be more consitent in doing what should be done joyfully.

I have to say strictly to women particularly, if the man besides you isn’t a keeper, then it will wise to cut-off your relationship before it’s too late (read: marriage). For what you see now is what you’ll get later on. There is no magic in altar. Throw away the hero mentality by saying, “He will change because of me”. If he does not change before he gets you, he will not change after he gets you. Of course God’s grace abounds far exceedingly through the facts spoken, yet God never intend a relationship to be unequal from the very beginning.

Every woman longs to have a ‘happily ever after’ marriage, yet not every of them make a decision which will support their dream. Doubts and fears are two factors that makes them settle for the less. Rather than being single for my life-time because of my standard, it is better to be with this man so-and-so. He’s not too bad after all. Yes, good is most likely to be the greatest enemy of the best. Most of women even has lost their hope of such ‘a prince’ could exist. I challenge you by saying, “Yes, they are exist!” Well, they certainly are not among the crowds. They are only a few and we have to believe that God has preserved that ‘rare prince’ for you J If you never believe that, never walk in God’s path, then it is most likely you cannot be found by him too.

Jabrik is a keeper J Even though I haven’t known much about his like and dislikes, I can see some of them points to a keeper’s heart #hugs. I find that it’s hard for him to try new things. He sticks to the one he already comfortable with. For example, he will always choose chocolate bread in all the bakery shop. Never wants to try other flavour. (Well, it’s okay to taste other flavor too, dear ;) It does not mean you betray your chocolate bread haha) He guards me when I cross the road, he knows what it means to honor and value woman J You can see how good a man will treat his wife by seeing how he treats his mother and sister. Trust me this fact is sincerely true! He is consistent in doing his principles, not just theory nor words but actions J I can hold to his words since his word is his bone. He knows what a true man should be with a strong figure from his great father. I know that when a man is consistent in keeping what is right, I can be assured that he will continue to do that forever #hugs J He treats his belongings well. Surely, no one keeps a 3 cm pencil and a very small worn-out rubber from elementary school (extreme haha :D ) His name is also suits him well with his characteristics. His name means “guardian” and it becomes his pride J Yet sometimes he thinks too long :p He always plans everything until left almost no space for spontaneity. But that’s what makes us complete one another J
From my experience I can say that ... a woman’s heart will always be safe in the hands of a keeper knowing that they will always catch us each time we fall down. When you feel safe, you have no space for jealousy, fear of losing him, and doubt. You can create a healthy atmosphere in your relationship with him for sure. A keeper’s heart will always be the greatest heart a woman can have. Wait patiently for your prince, since you are God’s princess! If a man does not treat you right, then you can be sure that they are not even a prince! I cannot say that waiting is easy, since it really is not. Yet I would like to give you a key to be faithful in waiting. It is in trusting that your God cares you and He makes all things beautiful and perfect in His time.
Never lose faith, hope, and love.
by Leticia Seviraneta

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