November 23, 2011

Journey to the Past

September 23, 1989. The day I began my journey on this earth. If I am not mistaken, it is Saturday ;) Lovely day to embrace new life haha :p

I was conceived three months after my brother was born. My mom and dad did not plan me since my big sister only asked for one sibling to play with J Luckily (or it is better to say it as God planned it to be), my mom decided that I would be the last and thereby she gave birth to me (you’ll never regret this mom! Haha :D) She told me that I was so impatient because she bore me even when the doctor had not come yet. Well, sometimes I think she’s right regarding this matter ;)

When I was a kid, she told me that I was very talkative and noisy. Yet in front of friends and outsiders,
I kinda felt shy and afraid to open conversation. I could only be talkative to those whom I was comfortable with J My mom was my teacher, driver, chef, a true housewife, and sometimes I gave her title “Wonder Woman”. Yes.. she definately can do EVERYTHING.
She was so busy to nurture me and my brother who seemed like a twin because of our close age :D She is a perfectionist. She has a very very high standard regarding cleanliness and . I often found her so tired because of so many things she did L She also worries a lot about many things. She picked me up everyday from the school, delivered me to courses, etc simply because she wanted to protect me from any ‘naughty’ drivers who may steal her children#sighed. Thank you mom! J

I grew up as a Catholic who really really rare went to church. I even proud when I could make a record for not going to church for the whole year (what the??). I dislike studying and prefer to read comics during the class when I was in elementary school. Yet I remembered that at 6th grade I challenged myself that I could be one of the big 5 rank in the class without cheating. I did it and succeed at last. Since then, I had a high pride regarding honesty and diligence. They are values I always proud to embrace in this life. I always got the 1st rank since Junior High until Senior High School. I was not turning to be a nerd at all. I made a lot of friends back then too J My best friends currently are my friends from Junior High School ;)

If you ever feel inferior because of the size of your body, I had been there too. I know how it feelsJ I was fat :p Not obese, but fat. I had a low-self esteem feeling sometimes :p So during Junior High was the moment I fought to establish my self-confidence. I tried to overcome my shyness and develop myself more.

My good friend also lead me to Christ. She had a very beautiful relationship with her God and that draws me to true Christianity. Slowly but surely, the seeds of faith in my heart began to grow. God changes my heart, my attitude, my mind, and my whole life J

During Senior High School, I realized that relationships between boys and girls turned to be more romantic. I was naive yet fortunately I was planted in a very religious community. There I met my first Bible teacher who always inspire me to preserve relationship for marriage only. I was 15 back then and planned to marry at 25. When I used my logic, I spontaneously thought that I don’t want to be in a relationship for 10 years :D hahaha.. too long :p She has a very wonderful and Godly marriage who inspires me a lot. My eyes often saw broken marriages and broken families around. Seeing hers, I wanted to have it too and I believed that I can have it. Her marriage gave me a hope and lighten my faith, that there is a wonderful marriage out there if we live for God only.

I was so active and involved in many many courses. I dislike
to waste time mostly. I always thought to be productive. I learned piano, violin, ballet, and mandarin too. I joined basketball team, tennis table, swimming, badminton, and even photography. But I didn’t master them all hahahaha :p I just liked variety and liked them all ;) I served at the Christian church too. I used to lead worship songs in youth Sunday servicesJ I teach youth group in a small cell-group and I never thought this service leads to my God’s calling. Furthermore, since I was so busy, I have no time to feel ‘lonely’ because I did not have any ‘boyfriend’. I knew my purpose to preserve my heart for marriage at any cost. I knew that singleness is a season where I could serve God most freely and give most generously.

Yet I did not realize that God has more in store than that. He did not demand me to be busy, but to spend time with Him. It took years for me to found this truth and experience it. Life soon is not about me anymore ... it is about ... Him.

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