November 15, 2011

The Gift of Sincerity

Every body longs for a life story which has a happy ending. Indeed, it is a dream engraved in each of us since we were children. It is not a fairy tale nor a fantasy. It is a seed of eternity that drives us to experience a glimpse of heaven on this earth. Yet sadly, the world offers a bunch of facts which destroys all of those images. Little by little, slowly but sure, our hope and belief are contaminated to accept the realities as truth. Innocent child turns to skeptic adult. Then ... is there any hope left? Is this how it should be?

This is all this writing about. I would like to reborn the hope that once we had. I long to communicate the hope which is the real truth we can grasp for, the one we can rely on. No matter where you are, which stage of life you are up to, now is the time to move on. Yesterday is in the tomb, tomorrow in in the womb. There is always a hope to the hopeful ones. Certainly there might be a costs necessary to be paid, sacrifices to be offered. You cannot change your life without throw out all the things that makes your life miserable. To begin the new journey, you have to let go the old ones. To reach the new sea, we have to lose sight of the shore. It is a brand new day!

A new chapter can only begin on a pure plain paper. It is a sincerity of heart that will plant new seeds of life in your soul. You know you’re not sincere enough when you expect something in return because of what you do. This is the way the world taught us to live and this is also one thing that we should let go. It is in sincerity accompanied by gentleness a true strength lies. It takes a lot of sacrifices of our ego and that what makes you strong. You can win a position through domination yet you can only win heart through sincerity.

It reminds me of God’s love. He never forces us to love nor obey Him. Instead, He shows us what love is. He sacrifices His Son for us to live. That is sincerity. That is true love. And that is what wins our hearts. The world does not need more advantage-takers, they need more sincere people. Sincerity believes in hope. They value one person as precious as God sees them. They only know giving because they know it pleases God. You can never have a transformed life without transforming your heart. And sincerity is the beginning of a pure heart, the one that is like a child.

Sincere does not mean naive. Hopeful does not mean wishful thinking. We are sincere and hopeful because we know that it grounded on the truth that God is love. It is right thing to do and God will supply for the strength to do so. It is the outflow coming from the love we have received from Him. Tap that souce of love and it will be natural outflow of your life. A life fully surrendered and conquered by God’s love is a glimpse of heaven on earth. It is a beautiful and joyful way to live on.

Two things that often make us stumbled in the pursuit of sincerity are often bitterness and unforgiveness. When you hold the pain of your past, it brings you to downward spiral in life. It is the source of all angers, frustrations, and unhappiness. You know you’re not fully forgive someone when you can still feel the pain. Avoiding it will not heal it, confont it will do. It is better to offer that pain plainly to God, abandon it, strip it, and leave it without looking back. It is hard because sometimes we are not willing to. Ironically, we think that we are stronger when we nurture that bitterness and unforgiveness in our hearts. We build walls so that no one can hurt us anymore. Yet we wonder why we are still unhappy. A sincere heart knows no bitterness and unforgiveness. To release forgiveness will open the new page of your life. It is said that to give forgiveness is like letting go a prisoner and discovering that the prisoner was you. Forgive and be free.

A fulfilled life is indeed a sacrificial life. Ask those who serve sincerely, they are the one who tastes the extreme and indescribable joy of life. You will never taste the true joy without starting to give away your heart to God and others. Our joy is not in the satisfaction of self, but on the emptying of self. It is a narrow road which few people choose, yet if you want a different life you have to choose different path too. It does not mean that you have to leave your occupation and become a nun. You can be sincere people right here, right now, right where you are. This is a hope for the dying world. We need people who decide to take their stand against the facts and defend for the truth of love. The truth that can only be found in God's love.

Have a sincerity like a child, affection like a mother, responsibility like a father, and faithfulness like God. Because sincerity breaks the hardest heart of men, affection gives warmth to the cold, responsibility leads to maturity, faithfulness maintains it. One completes another, all for one whole life.

Be blessed :)

-Leticia Seviraneta-

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