November 28, 2011

Dear Future Husband ...

Dear Future Husband,
Never will I say, “I told you so” when you did wrong. I will cherish and endure the consequences along with you.

Never will I go when you are in trouble. I will stay right beside you. But please allow me to do so.

Never will I compare you with other man. Because I love you just the way you are. No less than when love first bloomed between us.

Never will I become too busy to greet you every morning and every night. Never will I miss one day without hugging and kissing you.

Never will I share my deepest secrets to other people more than to you. You are my best friend forever and the one whom I trust the most.

Never will I forget your favorite foods to be cooked J When you are happy, I am happy too.

Never will I get bored with you. Together we will always spend quality time together in endless ways.

Never will I get distracted even when we are already having children. I am married to you, not them. You are still my priority.

Never will I neglect your parents. Your parents are mine too. Their problem is ours too.

Let us promise not to sleep with our backs face each other no matter how upset we are. Never hold grudges until tomorrow. I want to be always in peace with you.

When I do things you dislike, may you always forgive me. I am such a forgetful person, but I will do my best next time.

Never lose your trust in me. When I am not trusted, it really makes me down. Your trust brings me life.

Let us never use harsh words toward one another. Let us never devalue one another. Because we are one.

Let us put God as top priority in our marriage. Let us dedicate time both individually and together to have communion with Him.

Let us patiently endures every trials in days to come. May it strengthens the bond between us not separates us.

Never will I lie to you. An honest answer is always be my sweet kiss to you.

Never will I throw away each gift you have given to me. No matter how small it is, never it becomes insignificant to me.

I simply love you because you are you. Not because of what you do or what you have. As the day passes, I can only find that my love to you grows J

Loving you is my life.

-by Leticia Seviraneta


  1. Hi Leticia, may i put some words in my wedding's invitation? Thanks you :)

  2. Hi yes you can.. if it's possible, can u attach my name -Leticia Seviraneta also on it? thank you too :)