November 24, 2011

At the Crossroad

You may often hear words that say, “Life is a series of options.” Yes, it’s true. What we chose yesterday made the way we are today. What we choose today will make who we will be tomorrow. Knowing this, it’s kind of causing me to have many considerations between making decision. Often that makes me confused :p I always ask, “What’s God’s will for my life?”

I knew the dream that has been planted in my heart, yet I did not know how to get there. Moreover, my parents guided me to quite a different direction. Stock market. At first, my parents did not sure when I said that I chose ministry as my path of life. Well, in their image, a minister is poor financially. So basically they worried for my well-being. My dad always encouraged me to learn stock market so that I can be financially independent. He said that, “I’ve worked hard for more than 20 years in a tiring business to feed you well. But
you don’t have to work hard like that. You only need to work smart.”

He is very dilligent in learning all the analysis techniques by joining seminars, workshops, and trainings. He even became a marketer for stock market haha :p He persuaded people he know to learn and run the ‘business’ in stock market (??) Well, that’s my dad after allJ

Many parents think lowly for a daughter since a woman will marry one day and become dependent to her husband. Yet my parents are modern. They are not like that ‘ancient’ parents :p My dad insists both his son and daughters to work by themselves. He even doesn’t mind if their children do not marry. That’s what makes me independent. I feel free to live a life without ‘peer pressure’ to marry young. I have friends whose on my age married right after we graduate. For me, it’s a big no no! There are many things that we only freely do when we’re still single. Again, for me, singleness is a gift of time when we can achieve our dreams and serve God most freely. But that does not mean I don’t want to marry at all! Never forget that my ultimate dream is to build a Godly marriage and a Godly family. Even my ministry later in the future will focus on relationship, marriage, and family. I cannot teach what I have not experienced. Thereby, I am determined to prepare well during this singleness season for a wonderful marriage as God intends it to be J J
Back to the ‘other path’ in my life. Stock market. My first book about stock matters is “Warren Buffet Principles”. That’s my first insight of how we should view a stock. Long-term. Investment. I love it. That is why when my dad asked me to learn how to trade short-term. My idealism was shaken. I looked at the idea suspiciously and felt a bit lazy about it. He even guided me to a school for technical analysis (I don’t even know what it is haha :p). I was surpised that he was very enthusiastic at my first day to go to that school. He even knocked my room’s door to wake me up in the very early morning. You know, he never did that for 21 years of my life before! :p #awkward

Since I am a dilligent girl :p, I always go to class whether I like it or not. I was used to learn to like everything (even math, chemistry, etc) for the sake of good grades at school:p oh I was a scholarship hunter too J If I maintain my rank I will always receive sholarship each year that makes all my school’s fee free! (That’s what I love... free stuff received because of my own work :D) That’s what makes me ‘survive’ to learn things I dislike. I was doing that for the sake to give peace to my lovely daddy *hugs*. Maybe when I can earn money well, he will let me minister peacefully. That gives me hope for my dream to come true J
I never knew that my so-called ‘obedience’ to my dad led me to meet a man who touched my heart like no one before ...

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