November 30, 2011

The Lover's Eyes

I only see the eyes of people whom I speak with. I even did not realize they may have acnes, spots, and other kind of ‘signature’ on their faces for quite a long time. One of my very ridiculous experience is I never realize my best friend has a mole on her cheek for three years of friendship! :D Well, this one is really extreme (---/|\---’) Gomenasai.. Yet still for me, the eyes are what matters most when we look at other people. You can understand what one’s saying even when there are now words spoken from his mouth.You can tell a bit of how they feel, mood, honesty, sincerity, and so on through its sparks J It is not a myth to say that the eyes are the window to the heart. And the beauty of the heart is one the eyes of the beholder J

The eyes of a lover are the warmest one. It brings you comfort in a cloudy day, a rainbow in a rainy day. When two people in love with each other, sometimes you just can spend time gazing to each other. It creates a peace within believing that you are accepted and you can always rely on them. Yet the question is, how long will it last? I have seen old couple who even stare at their spouse plainly. They can even be more friendly to a stranger rather than his soulmate who has accompanied him through thick and thin! Or worse ... it seems that what used to be a lover turns out to be enemy. And these kind of couple are not just a few ... they are so many of them. Does it really how it should be? The feelings will fleet away through time and then left two people sleep in one bed yet their hearts so far away?

Often what happens to the majority can defeat our hope. On the opposite, we should think that there must be something wrong in what they do until the whole community falls apart. We can see there will be a pattern that we need to do and resist to do. There must be certain words that we have to say and never to say. Yes, we can make a different choice, an unpopular path, but in the end leads to life. Just like a flame needs to be protected from the wind, the spark of the eyes need to be guarded so that it will not fade as the time goes by. Just like a fire needs to be added coal so that they can keep burning, so does the relationship needs spices that will be poured out daily, endlessly in order to keep it vibrant.

If love is a flower, it takes the sun, water, air, fertile soil, and fertilizer to grow well. The sun is faithfulness. It is the one who causes you to stick no matter what happens. Faithfulness knows no situation and no other options. It even cannot think for the possibility of seeking the ‘alternatives’. It accepts what they have completely along with their flaws. It seems so binding, isn’t it? That is why it is much better to select your partner very very carefully. If there is something in him or her that is unacceptable for you, just leave it. We study for about 18 years until we attain our Bachelor degree. Yet we only study someone for more or less three months to bring it into romantic phase. No wonder in the middle of the relationships there are many things that we ‘have just discovered’. We often think when we have been together sometime and find out that we’re not compatible we can break up then find someone new. Yet breaking up a relationship costs your heart. And we do not want that. It is wiser to prolong a genuine friendship without romantic attention until the readiness to be committed to each other is being formed J

Jabrik and I hardly can be said that we begin with a pure friendship since there was attraction within :p Yet thankfully that it is kind of a ‘long-distance’ relationship between Puri and Serpong :D so that we can still try to know one another in non-romantic manner. I’d always like to support him to grow in Christ and I do not put much hope to bring it further to a romantic one (I thought he considers me as merely good friend haha:D) Sometimes a slow process builts a stronger foundation. Do you remember when there was no telephone yet? Lovers at that moment send letter to one another. One letter can be received at least once a week, sometimes it can be in months. Yet lovers keep waiting patiently and nurturing their relationship regardless of their distance and time. At that time, they know no divorce. They only know love is for ever after. Technology often robs us from the beauty of real love. Because we can communicate fast now, we often do not appreciate the importance of it. Maybe it is wiser to be a little bit ‘ancient’ and treasure the relationship as much as old people do. Write letters?? Why not? It can be much more meaningful then email! Hand-writing and it lasts. You can read it over and over again J You can even let your children and grand children read it one day as a testimony of your love #heritage.

Another life-determining of the flower is the water. Most of flowers need to be watered daily. The water is the intimate communication between the two of you. Not merely just a simple and meaningless communication, but the intimate ones which is done in private. No outsiders allowed. I remember there is one couple whom I really admire for their dedication to preserve the time for them to just sit and talk. An hour or more daily. During that time, their cellphones should be turned off, no facebook-ing, no watching TV, and so on. They protect that quality time with such an effort and consistently doing that with such a great discipline. And the results is very rewarding J Their relationship is the one who can make every couple envy. The husband has only one dream: to be the best husband and the best daddy in the world. The woman aims to be the best wife and best mother in the world. Woww.. if it trully becomes what matter the most in their life, no wonder they prioritize their relationship above all else besides God. A strong common dream is a strong bond. You can tell there is nothing they cannot achieve as a partner when they have strong and vibrant relationship ... simply because they watered them daily.
Jabrik is not a man of ‘many’ words :p That’s kinda hinder me when we met for the first time after 9 months ‘long-distance’. Just like a baby ready to be born at that period :p hahaha.. At first, I can’t stop thinking, “Why is he so quiet?” Yet I am grateful now that he puts effort to talk more #hugs. For sure he will not be as talkative as the one who keeps talking when they were born :D Yet as he keeps sharing me his life, what he feels at that moment is kind of enough for me J Too talkative will be noisy, but talk at a just-right intensity will be awesome J It is not about the words count, it is about the quality of the words. Gossipers talk much, but they don’t have quality on it. You know the words are in great quality when it gives added value to your intimacy and growing each individuals involved.

There is none that can refresh one’s soul than forgiveness. Yes, forgiveness is the air that can relieve and set you free. One of the biggest root of any conflict is because we forget how to forgive. Unforgiveness gives birth to bitterness. And when our hearts has turned bitter, the spark in your eyes will be gone, and the flower of love withers. Maybe that is why marriage is the greatest school of character ever. It is the one who presses us to keep forgiving relentlessy. No body will be happy when they hold their anger and treat their spouse like a stranger or enemy. Yet most of the people choose to hold tightly to the wounds our spouse had made and never want to release forgiveness. Sometimes it is not because of our spouse that the flower withers... It is because of us too. They can trample the flower, but we can nurture it. It is up to us too. I never want to sleep angrily and bring along the past conflicts until tomorrow. It is better to settle one conflict right at that time and live in peace tomorrow. Surely it’s not easy. Yet it is worth it. No conflict is worth in comparison of our harmony.

What about the fertile soil? It is your commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. You can ‘plant’ your flower of love anywhere you want, yet only in commitment to the same Lord it can grow hundred folds. No foundation is greater than the One who has laid it by the cost of His life for our sake. When two people are genuinely in love and commited to Jesus, you can guarantee that their love will always become a glimpse of heaven on earth. They will be a walking blessing in wherever they go. And through their strong love, the world will see how great their God is. As John 13:35 says, “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another
If my ‘temporary’ separation with Jabrik now bring us to the place of this fertile soil, I can rest on assurance that God will prepare us for the greater days to come. If it takes some time to build this fertile soil, it will be worth the wait. This is my consolation. God has said to me recently,
“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart. I have overcomed the world. The joy in Me is your strength. As your eyes and hearts turned to me, all is well. Rest on Me. Abide in Me. That is your only work you have to do. I will open the way in My time. Nothing is impossible for me. You are my beloved daughter. I always keep watching over you and protecting you.. You are under the care of Me. Nothing in this world can ever harm you. Do you believe in this? Don’t let your hearts be troubled, don’t be afraid. Trust and obey. The rest is My part. So that the world may know and glorify Me. I will fight for Your sake. I know the beginning and the ending. I hold your future in My hands. And the end of all of these is victory. You are a victor, not a victim. You can love others as I have loved you. I will pour out my overwhelming love to the world. They will see, you will see, that I am your living God. Keep persevering, keep being faithful. I always have you on my mind.”
I miss Jabrik so much but God takes care of him as always. And one day we will meet again for sure J

Last but not least, the fertilizer to the flower is our honesty to each other. Honesty breeds trust. Some may argue that they need to keep their privacy to be unknown to their partner. Some may hide their accounts, hide their ‘friendship’ with opposite sex, hide their activities, and so on. I always see a secret like a crack in a water-pipe. Sooner or later it will blow up the whole pipe. The more secrets are hidden, the greater the water pressure in a pipe will be. Why do we need to hide something if it is not wrong? (read: right or wrong is based on Biblical standard, not oursJ) Why privacy matter that much if can only decrease the trust level of our mate? Many things that we do in secret increases our adrenaline and our satisfaction, yet most of them may evaporates in just a moment. The consequences will be eternal. Again.. there is no thing that is worth in comparisson to the harmony of your home. No amount of ‘lost money’, no amount of time dedicated to peers, no amount of ‘carreer opportunity’, even no amount of ‘ministry’. Even good things can be bad when they are in a wrong priority. Moreover bad things just like a secret has no good to be kept from our spouse. Our mate should be our best friend who knows your longing, fear, and needs first before others. Keep third party in distance and have a transparent relationship.
I realize that I am not in a position as a married woman who can share all the ‘marriage nuggets’ for you. These are principles that I am determined to guard and do so forth. I believe that those who nurtures their flower of love well daily will not lose the spark and the warmth on their eyes. Their love will keep blossoming as the time goes by. Their eyes will reflect the happiness and fulfillment of their relationship. And that is what we all want, isn’t it? Do not wait until the spark dies.. Nurture it with such a immense intensity, a great love, at no matter how high the cost is. Nothing is ever be more worth it then the lover’s eyes that keep shining until the day it closes for the last time.
Dear Jabrik, I can tell how much you love me through the way you see me. Let’s keep the spark on our eyes never fade away J I love you as always ... Be more chubby at the time we meet ;P

November 29, 2011

The Keeper's Heart

A goal keeper is the one who guards, protects, and defends the goal in order to prevent the opponents scoring points. Whether in soccer, ice hockey, water polo, or other kinds of sports, their role is the same. In a team player, they need each other. No role is more nor less significant to other. Yet a goal-keeper is the last defense which a team has. It can be said that they hold the last weapon when other weapons fall apart J No matter how good the other players defend the opponent’s striker, the heart of the game will be determined by the performance of the keeper himself.

The keeper’s heart is always about to guard and protect the one that becomes his area of concern. I believe that this is the role of a man in every area of his life which has been entrusted to him. It can be a company, employees’ welfare, grades at school, relationship, family, marriage, and most importantly his spirituality. As a man knows his genuine role, his life will be more productive and efficient. He aims not in a wrong target. He will not deviate to the left nor to the right. He will always be in a right track. Wouldn’t it be great?

Unfortunately, that’s not what actually happens in majority of Adam’s clan. Most of them have wrong perception in for what they were born. Instead to protect and defend the weak, his natural power is being used to abuse them. Instead of guarding what has been entrusted them, they tear them down with their ego. The lack of a supportive father’s image has been one of the root of the problems. Many men were born without any right guidance from a father, mentor, or good role models. Someone whom they can look up to with great assurance. No wonder the downward spiral continues endlessly and creates many depressed wifes, children, and peers.

Yet it has to stop here. Men not merely need to discover something new. They only need to remember the original design God has intended to be. To lead, to guard, to defend, and to protect those whom has been entrusted to him. One change will affect many generations and rebuild the healthy community.

One thing that is attractive here is a keeper’s heart does not begin automatically in a large scale. It is being developed through small matter we do in everyday life. You can know a man is a keeper when he honors women in every single thing. For example, he allows you to walk first in front of him rather than left you behind him. He walks on the edge of the crossroad so that the women do not walk too close to the vehicles. He values life. He must not love certain animals, yet at least he treats them well, as one’s precious to God. He treats his stuff well. He keeps it tidy and clean. Because he knows his belongings are simply God’s gifts entrusted to him. He has favorite foods and never get bored with it. He knows exactly what his like and dislike, yet can do things they dislike if it is necessary. The clear sign every keeper’s has is they never get bored with routine life. They are consistent and focus in what they do. They are not easily distracted with other things that does not become their priorities. Wow.. what a list! Yet instead doing all of these as obligations, a keeper will always do this naturallyJ It flows from deep understanding that this is why I was born. It has a sense of purpose ... and all of these ultimately will glorify God Himself J

My favorite restaurant is ‘Hachi Hachi’, a Japanese sushi restaurant J I have fixed menu which I always order anytime I drop by. Here are my list: black dragon roll, salmon sashimi, edamame, chicken teriyaki caesar salad, and beef teriyaki fried udon J Yummyyy.. (this menu can be reduced according to the amount of people who accompany me haha.. I can’t eat all of these alone :D ) But the thing I would like to point out here is ... I never get bored with it. So does a keeper always do. At last, it takes an effort, a discipline, and a consistency to hold unto the commitment to make a marriage last with full pleasure. We do not want to hold unto ‘marriage’ simply because we cannot escape from it. We want to keep in it simply because it is very enjoyable. If you are an easily-get-bored person, do not let this under estimate your nature. Yet let us learn bit by bit how to be more consitent in doing what should be done joyfully.

I have to say strictly to women particularly, if the man besides you isn’t a keeper, then it will wise to cut-off your relationship before it’s too late (read: marriage). For what you see now is what you’ll get later on. There is no magic in altar. Throw away the hero mentality by saying, “He will change because of me”. If he does not change before he gets you, he will not change after he gets you. Of course God’s grace abounds far exceedingly through the facts spoken, yet God never intend a relationship to be unequal from the very beginning.

Every woman longs to have a ‘happily ever after’ marriage, yet not every of them make a decision which will support their dream. Doubts and fears are two factors that makes them settle for the less. Rather than being single for my life-time because of my standard, it is better to be with this man so-and-so. He’s not too bad after all. Yes, good is most likely to be the greatest enemy of the best. Most of women even has lost their hope of such ‘a prince’ could exist. I challenge you by saying, “Yes, they are exist!” Well, they certainly are not among the crowds. They are only a few and we have to believe that God has preserved that ‘rare prince’ for you J If you never believe that, never walk in God’s path, then it is most likely you cannot be found by him too.

Jabrik is a keeper J Even though I haven’t known much about his like and dislikes, I can see some of them points to a keeper’s heart #hugs. I find that it’s hard for him to try new things. He sticks to the one he already comfortable with. For example, he will always choose chocolate bread in all the bakery shop. Never wants to try other flavour. (Well, it’s okay to taste other flavor too, dear ;) It does not mean you betray your chocolate bread haha) He guards me when I cross the road, he knows what it means to honor and value woman J You can see how good a man will treat his wife by seeing how he treats his mother and sister. Trust me this fact is sincerely true! He is consistent in doing his principles, not just theory nor words but actions J I can hold to his words since his word is his bone. He knows what a true man should be with a strong figure from his great father. I know that when a man is consistent in keeping what is right, I can be assured that he will continue to do that forever #hugs J He treats his belongings well. Surely, no one keeps a 3 cm pencil and a very small worn-out rubber from elementary school (extreme haha :D ) His name is also suits him well with his characteristics. His name means “guardian” and it becomes his pride J Yet sometimes he thinks too long :p He always plans everything until left almost no space for spontaneity. But that’s what makes us complete one another J
From my experience I can say that ... a woman’s heart will always be safe in the hands of a keeper knowing that they will always catch us each time we fall down. When you feel safe, you have no space for jealousy, fear of losing him, and doubt. You can create a healthy atmosphere in your relationship with him for sure. A keeper’s heart will always be the greatest heart a woman can have. Wait patiently for your prince, since you are God’s princess! If a man does not treat you right, then you can be sure that they are not even a prince! I cannot say that waiting is easy, since it really is not. Yet I would like to give you a key to be faithful in waiting. It is in trusting that your God cares you and He makes all things beautiful and perfect in His time.
Never lose faith, hope, and love.
by Leticia Seviraneta

November 28, 2011

Dear Future Husband ...

Dear Future Husband,
Never will I say, “I told you so” when you did wrong. I will cherish and endure the consequences along with you.

Never will I go when you are in trouble. I will stay right beside you. But please allow me to do so.

Never will I compare you with other man. Because I love you just the way you are. No less than when love first bloomed between us.

Never will I become too busy to greet you every morning and every night. Never will I miss one day without hugging and kissing you.

Never will I share my deepest secrets to other people more than to you. You are my best friend forever and the one whom I trust the most.

Never will I forget your favorite foods to be cooked J When you are happy, I am happy too.

Never will I get bored with you. Together we will always spend quality time together in endless ways.

Never will I get distracted even when we are already having children. I am married to you, not them. You are still my priority.

Never will I neglect your parents. Your parents are mine too. Their problem is ours too.

Let us promise not to sleep with our backs face each other no matter how upset we are. Never hold grudges until tomorrow. I want to be always in peace with you.

When I do things you dislike, may you always forgive me. I am such a forgetful person, but I will do my best next time.

Never lose your trust in me. When I am not trusted, it really makes me down. Your trust brings me life.

Let us never use harsh words toward one another. Let us never devalue one another. Because we are one.

Let us put God as top priority in our marriage. Let us dedicate time both individually and together to have communion with Him.

Let us patiently endures every trials in days to come. May it strengthens the bond between us not separates us.

Never will I lie to you. An honest answer is always be my sweet kiss to you.

Never will I throw away each gift you have given to me. No matter how small it is, never it becomes insignificant to me.

I simply love you because you are you. Not because of what you do or what you have. As the day passes, I can only find that my love to you grows J

Loving you is my life.

-by Leticia Seviraneta

True Love Waits

Many people misuse the idea of love for the sake of lust. Yet their differences are very clear. Lust cannot wait, love waits. Lust is all about self, love is all about your partner. It can be seen that lust and ego are twin brothers. They cannot be separated from each other. Lust focuses on physical, love focuses on spiritual and emotional. When a relationship is based on love, you need not to worry when your face and body are getting older. You know that’s not the main thing your spouse concern about. It is not old fashioned to say that the true beauty is found in the eyes of the beholder, on the heart.
One thing I know for sure is that lust soon evaporates, while love remains forever. Lust is temporary, love lasts. When our physical body is getting older, you know what you really need is not sex. You need a best friend to accompany, your spouse. What a tragic it will be when you find that you are a stranger to your spouse at last.
Physical appearance can be important when we put them on priority. When our eyes are always being spoiled to seek for the external beauty, we will find it harder to look at the inner beauty. Hence, guarding our eyes will be the same as guarding your hearts. For the eyes are the window of your heart.

I always love seeing grandpas and grandmas walking by holding hands one another. Moreover if I can feel the warm of their love, it glitters me with the hope that I can have the lasting love as theirs too. Therefore I wait faithfully for the right one J Because I know that it takes two to tango, it takes two faithful and loving person also to build not merely a house, yet a home J

Before I met Jabrik, I wait with a sure confidence that I will be founded by that Godly manJ God assured me recently that, “If you can wait without seeing the outcome, why can’t you wait faithfully when you can see the outcome in the end now?” God assured me that this separation will only be temporary and in the end we will meet again. I miss him so much #hugs. Yesterday when I saw two Christmas trees at Grand Hyatt hotel I still hope that we can spend Christmas together this year #hopefully. Yet again, I need to refrain from that longing for now..
It takes faith to wait. Not merely faith, yet a very very strong faith. Maybe that is why God’s timing sometimes make us wait for a while. He always want to develop our patience. You cannot be patient when you cannot even wait. There are moments when we are tempted that our waiting is in vain. Yet Elisabeth Elliot once wrote,
“Faith's most severe tests come not when we see nothing, but when we see a stunning array of evidence that seems to prove our faith vain. Of one thing I am perfectly sure: God's story never ends with ashes.” Will you wait when you have assurance that it will be a happy ending? Yes, and I want God’s version of ending, not mine J
“Restlessness and impatience change nothing except our peace and joy. Peace does not dwell in outward things, but in the heart prepared to wait trustfully and quietly on Him who has all things safely in His hands.”Elisabeth Elliot

Love is slow to lose patience - it looks for a way of being constructive.

Love is not possessive.

Love is not anxious to impress nor does it cherish inflated ideas of its own ideas.
Love has good manners and does not pursue selfish advantage.

Love is not touchy.

Love does not keep account of evil or gloat over the wickedness of other people. On the contrary, it is glad with all good men when truth prevails.

Love knows no limits to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can
outlast anything.
It is, in fact, the one thing that stands when all else has fallen
-1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Missing you is my hobby, supporting you is my job, encouraging you is my duty, and loving you is my life.
... and that is why.. True love waits.

The Most Beautiful Dress

I used to like shopping. When I was sitting on Junior High and Senior High School, my weekend was spent by going either with friends or family to walk through shop by shop in the mall (!!). You know ... when women put their confidence in what she wears, it is most likely she becomes a shopaholic. Buying things they don’t need and they don’t even wear at last. I love dresses the most :p My eyes can easily ‘catch’ a good dress on display haha :D I still love it by now yet I now understand that that’s not a place where I should put my confidence on. I have greater interest than that by now. I prefer something that last more eternally ... books or any resources to help me knowing my groom-to-be (read: Jesus Christ) more J For me that’s not ‘spending’, but ‘investing’. For your info, one of my treasure at home is my bookshelves ^^
Anyway, I would like to encourage all of you to think for a minute.. “Where do you putyour confidence on?” Ask more specific questions: Will you be disturbed and feel embarassed when you’re wearing a plain t-shirt and jeans in an unexpected formal occasion? Will you feel inferior when all your peers have a well-established job with great income as well? Will you feel uncomfortable when you’re walking alone in the mall? If
you say ‘yes’ to one of these questions, you know where you put your confidence on J Surely, it seems normal for us to say ‘yes’, yet we often forget what would God say to us regarding this kind of situation.

God always sees beautiful and precious. We are the apple of His eyes. So no matter what we wear, what we have, what we do, He keeps loving us. We are never be alone, since He’s always with us. When God becomes what matter the most in your life, you know that your confidence will not be placed in the wrong place. You can walk confidently with your plain t-shirts and jeans in a room full of people with tuxedos and night-gowns (of course you don’t plan to do that! Haha.. it is said, ‘unexpected’ :D) since you know that you look great in the eyes of God J Other people may stare at you with a strange or maybe a ‘judging’ look, yet who cares? God, the King of Kings, still think that you look great! :D You don’t need also to feel insecure when others seem to have more than youJ God has promised us to supply our needs according to the glorious riches in Jesus ChristJ Applaud those who succeed before you and learn humbly from them. You need not also to feel ‘lonely’ when you walk alone in the crowd. You don’t need to be surrounded by peers in order to look cool. You can be fine either you alone or with them too! When our confidence is in God and His Word, all these insecurities will evaporate. You can breathe a new fresh air and start enjoying every situation you face.

Women tend to place their confidence on what she wears, while men put it on how much he has. (Dear men, am I right? Hoho..) As a women I know how hard it is not to ‘deny’ our nature and start to shift our priority to what matters most to God. Yet I keep believing that God knows the best for us. When he asks for something, it must be for our own good J

1 Tim. 2:9-10
I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God.

In this scripture, we can see that there are two beautiful dresses that women of God needs to wearJ They are dignity and good deeds. These are our confidence J No need to wear expensive clothes, since what makes a woman beautiful in the end is her heart, her eyes, and her smile. These beautiful dresses cannot be bought by money. It has to be developed day by day as an outflow of our loving relationship with Jesus Christ J and for those who like to save their money there is good news: It is free! Free of charge! The only cost is your time. Will you giving your time for God and serve others?

In addition to the two beautiful dresses described by the Scripture, I also have one that is priceless too. My most beautiful dress is ... in the arms of the man whom I love. Everyday I can wear dignity and good deeds, yet this last dress.. is preserved only for His time. I wore it not so long ago, yet God shows us that it has to be kept until we have grown more in Him. If you believe in God-written love story, then you will understand this. This moment of separation is where our love is being tested, ourselves being pushed to grow, and our trust to one another is being strengthened. I still believe that distance can only make true love grows stronger. The fruit of waiting for God’s timing will always be sweet.

True love is not a theory. It is also not merely exist in the quotes of those ‘helplessly romantic’ people. No, it is real. I was the one who can only hear the glimpse of it. Yet now, I experience it J Eventhough I cannot see him for (may be) a quiet long time, I can be sure that God will always take care of him as I always pray about. Until when? We don’t know, but God knows. My greatest comfort is knowing that God is in control in everything. He knows. He understands. He cares. Our love story is beautiful because it is a story of surrendering to God and commitment to each other. And I can be certain that it will have a happy ending. Not by our strength, but by God’s J

So here are my dresses now: dignity and good works. And I’m waiting patiently and faithfully to wear the arms of the man whom I love in God’s timing. I am confident simply because I have these most beautiful dresses which is born through my relationship with Christ. What about you? Would you like to join in this journey? J

November 26, 2011

The Safest Roller Coaster

Have you ever heard that love is like a roller coaster? When it goes up, you heart beating fast, wondering what would happen next, cannot stop thinking about the thing that you will face in the next few seconds. When you’re in love, the whole world seems beautiful. Others can tell that your smile is different and it seems there is a music background to accompany each step you take when you’re walking. Your heart beating fast and always get anxious when you see him. Yet when the rolller coaster goes down, it seems the whole world that seems beautiful turn around. It is like an endless fear and pain that wanting to stop as soon as possible. You feel like it is such a long time to feel the roller coaster goes up again. Imagine if you’re riding the highest roller coaster on earth! It would be an endless waiting huh? Then the roller coaster goes on ... it keeps going up, down, make a cycle, and so on. So does your love journey.. there is laugh, there is tears. It is unpredictable, uncertainty lies ahead.

When you’re in love, you’re joining the roller coaster at all cost. You can only sit on the ride and accept all the consequences it offers to you. At the end of the journey, you’re
given the chance to get off from the ride, or you would like to continue over and over again. It does not mean that you have to switch your partners and experiment who will serve you the best. No, whoever you choose to be in love with.. you are joining the same roller coaster. Yet I would like to introduce the safest roller coaster.. the one which has seatbelts buckled on by faith in God and commitment to each other. Without that, you’re riding a roller coaster without seat belt. It might be safe enough when the roller coaster goes up, yet you know what will happen when it goes down. There is no security, no safety net, no guarantee that you will arrive safely.

You may think it seems ridiculous, doesn’t it? No one wants to ride a roller coaster without seat belt buckled on their body! Yet unfortunately, that’s exactly what people do when they entering a relationship without strong faith in God and commitment to each other. Try to imagine you’re saying to this partner this kind of vow:
“ I would like to take you as my partner in life. We will see what will happen next. If I am happy with you, if you’re always good looking, if you can always be patient with my weaknesses, if you can serve me well in everything I want you to do, you know that I will keep you on my side. Yet if you don’t do what I want, if anything outside our control hinders our love and creates obstacle that is too great to bear, maybe it is wise for us to put this relationship off. I love you with this condition. Will you be my partner?”

Whether you are a man or a woman, would you like to say “yes” to that kind of vow? Absolutely not! Yet many people do without realizing it. You see.. each of us longs for a guarantee that our love will last. We don’t think of breaking up when we’re just entering a relationship. Yet we don’t prevent that to happen. We allow many things that start to tear down our relationship. We allow our eyes to stare other people who seems more attractive to our partner, we allow the seed of doubt, jealousy, and suspicion soak in, we allow our ego and our selfish desire to rule, we never prioritize and seek what God really wants in our relationship, and in the end.. we can only find ourself in a downward spiral that leads to a lot of heartaches and broken relationship.

You may ask “Why?” at that moment. You may think there’s a trigger that cause it while there are a lot of things you do from the very beginning that don’t have intention to protect your relationship. You wear no seat belt. You don’t guard your heart and eyes. You don’t preserve your relationship in God’s way. As simple as thatJ
Many people said to me that all I know are just theory.

They said that when I am truly in a relationship, you know that it can’t always be as ideal as I always think of. Yes, it could happen ... but only when I allow it to happen. You see... wisdom is always learning beforehand and knows to do the right thing instead of going with the majority of people. When many people do something does not mean that what they do is right. Instead, you can see that what most people do turns to failure and that means it is not the best way.
When you feed your mind with God’s Word.. you know what is right to do. Yet what we’re lacking here is the faith itself in the Word. Can I believe that God has someone who truly loves Jesus with all he has? Can I truly surrender my love story to Him? What if He never wants me to marry? What if He plans me to marry around 40’s? You see.. the life that follows Christ, is the life of surrender. It means that you even surrender your probability to marry if God ask you to do that. It does not mean that God is evil because He ‘takes’ what’s precious to you. No, He is teaching you to believe in him and submit to His plan in your life rather than your plan/ He has the best in store for you, yet he can only give you when you empty your hands. Remember always that God is a giver, not a taker. When He closes the door, He opens the window J Our faith in God Himself, will determine our love story. Our commitment to each other, will preserve what we have built on.

What makes me ‘safe’ to be with him is we build this relationship upon faith in God and commitment. So we’re having our seat belt buckled on J Thereby, no matter what happens, we can be sure that our faith, hope, and love will endure. The world do not believe such thing could happen, yet God does. There is no impossibility in Him. We endure trials not by our strength, yet with His strength. Our love is not between the two of us, yet between the three of us. God, you, and me. As long as we’re focusing on God, we know that we can always find one another.

So, this is my vow to you:
I, take you, as my friend and love, beside me and apart from me, in laughter and in tears, in conflict and tranquility, asking that you be no other than yourself, loving what I know of you, trusting what I do not know yet, in all the ways that life may find us. I will always by your side through thick and thin and you will always find me when you run to God. It is not my romantic love that preserves us, yet God’s love and our love to Him. Together we will grow all the more into His likeness, will you be my partner?”
Would you say ‘yes’ to that kind of vow? Then be the one who says it J