January 05, 2011

Indescribable Worth

by Leticia Seviraneta

Some said that life is a journey. Then I wonder what kind of journey are we on? Is it a journey of discovery of something that we haven't had? Many people spend their life time to search for something they don't even know. All efforts are conducted to fulfill their sense of worth in the eyes of others and themselves. Yet few ... only a few find the ultimate answers to the anxious hearts. It is because our journey ... is not a journey of discovery of something we do not have. It is a journey of remembrance of something we already have since the beginning of our existence, human existence.

Creations do exist because of the creator. There is no coincidence in human creation. We do not exist for merely being exist. There must be ... Somebody who thaught, planned, and executed it carefully. Whether you believe in God or not, the desire deep down in your heart that recognize it as truth may be undeniable. That truth will grip your heart when you are willing to open it up. So.. are you willing to open your heart for the truth? ;)

Then, what are we created for? Have you ever thought about that? Could you believe that you are created out of ... LOVE?

You may not come from "happily ever after" family. Well indeed, there is no such thing in this world ;) There is only "growing family". Perhaps your parents have divorced, hated each other, live separately, and so on. It may be difficult to believe that we are created out of love in this kind of circumstance. Yet why don't we give a chance to this truth to show us its light and power? No loss for sure ;D

Imagine this ... God is love. Love is His nature. He cannot help not to love because His nature is the way He is. We cannot have love when we don't have subject to be loved. We cannot love where we are alone. It takes two to tango, it takes two hands to clap. This is why no man is created as an island. No man is ever created to be alone. The same goes with our God. In order to love, there must be a recipient of His love ... US.

Then the story goes like this. It is not love when there is no option for not loving in return. Can you get that? Because love is not something that can be forced. Love is something to be chosen. Love is a choice. Free will is one of the aspect of it. Thus, here we are ... free to choose to love our Creator or not; free to choose His way or our way. Free to follow Him or ignore Him for the rest of our lives. And our ancestors chose not to love and trust Him. Then there it came ... the separation in human's heart that bring conflicts for days to come. And now we are born separated in God.

Yet God has a plan. He always has. His love never ends. He chooses to love you no matter what. If I could describe the nature of love He has, then it may sound like this, "I will never give up on you." And I guess that's the true meaning of love. I will never give up on you.

And His words may continue like this, " I love you. I will do anything ... anything ... to restore our relationship. I will never give up on you. Although you keep rejecting Me, My arms will always be stretched out to hug you when you come back to Me. When you've come back, we will hold a big party. Invite every people you know! We will have good party for sure!" =D

How cool is that?? Hard to believe I guess... but that is truly our God! If you want to know who you are, what are you created for, how much your worth in His eyes ... come back to Him. Come back (such a lovely words ;) It reminds you that your presence gives color to someone's life ...) Remember Your creator. Turn around. Your worth does not determined by how you look, how wealthy are you, how much friends do you have ... Your worth is God's son who died for you out of love. Your worth costs Jesus' life and no one (no one!!) can rob it from you. You are precious. And this journey of life ... is abour remembering what God has done for you. It is a journey of remembrance of love which has been engraved inside you. So ... let us stop to hate. For that is not who we really are. We are love. We definately have power to love others too if we are willing =)

As Oswald Chambers said, prayer is not what it costs us, but what it costs God to enable us to pray. Pursue Him more, seek Him. Then you'll realize how indescribable your worth is. God bless always ;)

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