October 08, 2010

The Greatest Love Anyone Could Ever Know

by Leticia Seviraneta

The story of love didn't begin when a man loved a woman. It truly began when one true God created human as receiver of His overwhelming love. It began when He created me and ... you. Your existence on this earth is never be a coincidence. He thought of you carefully far before you were even born. He had a plan for you. Plan not to harm you, but plan to give you the abundance of life through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. I don't know where are you standing now regarding this matter of faith. You probably are a Christian for the whole of your life, you probably engaged in other kind of faith, or maybe an atheist. This writing is open for every person to read so don't stop reading just because it sounds soo "Christian" =D Whatever your views are, there is no power that can deny the truth that God loves you.. and you are created for a purpose, a wonderful one =)

The world is full of problems. Your life may do so. Everybody does. But allow me to remind you one thing.. that God is much bigger than our 'so called' problems. And I can tell you from my own experience that it is so much better when we have Him to rely on. He is the source of strength, the guider, the greatest cheerleader of life that you may ever know when you connect with Him. We are created as mens with hole inside our heart. The world teaches us to pursue soulmate to fill the other half of us. Yet we know exactly that no perfect human could satisfy this divine desire engraved in our hearts. Stop pursue temporary things, stop demanding people to satisfy this need. It is intended to be filled with vibrant relationship with our lovely creater, merely God.

If you ever thing God as a judge who is always ready to punish when you do wrong, then allow me to introduce the true nature of God ;) He is love. He is all about love. Yet He is holy as well. He just can't stand along with sins. God hates sins but loves the sinners. Wow.. how cool is that? =D He knew no man can live perfectly holy, no man can justify themselves with good deeds. Think about it.. how could we feel good enough when we are simply imperfect regarding many things? How good is good? How bad is bad? What are the parameters? God knows exactly no man can ever save themselves by their own works. Thereby, the only one way to save us would be.. He died as substitute for our sins. Jesus Christ died for us when we're still sinners as His demonstration of His own love. Can you imagine to die for someone you love? That's how God feels.. Yet still so many still hardened their hearts and refuse Him and His perfect love. Well.. think about it.. If you want to marry someone, would a man with this great love who also willing to die for you will be a nicest candidate? For what reasons do we have to refuse Him?

Believe me ... Jesus did not die to give us a religion named, Christian. He died so that we can enjoy authentic relationship with the Father of Heaven, the Creator, God. He is the only way to come to the Father. For me, accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior of my life is the most beautiful thing that could ever happened to me. I am whole through Him. My life is still imperfect, but I do have one true God whom I can rely on. I just want you to experience the same as I do.. the greatest love anyone could ever know. Receive Him and enjoy a fascinating journey ahead when great purposes simply being unfolded step by step =D

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