October 08, 2010

The Greatest Love Anyone Could Ever Know

by Leticia Seviraneta

The story of love didn't begin when a man loved a woman. It truly began when one true God created human as receiver of His overwhelming love. It began when He created me and ... you. Your existence on this earth is never be a coincidence. He thought of you carefully far before you were even born. He had a plan for you. Plan not to harm you, but plan to give you the abundance of life through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. I don't know where are you standing now regarding this matter of faith. You probably are a Christian for the whole of your life, you probably engaged in other kind of faith, or maybe an atheist. This writing is open for every person to read so don't stop reading just because it sounds soo "Christian" =D Whatever your views are, there is no power that can deny the truth that God loves you.. and you are created for a purpose, a wonderful one =)

The world is full of problems. Your life may do so. Everybody does. But allow me to remind you one thing.. that God is much bigger than our 'so called' problems. And I can tell you from my own experience that it is so much better when we have Him to rely on. He is the source of strength, the guider, the greatest cheerleader of life that you may ever know when you connect with Him. We are created as mens with hole inside our heart. The world teaches us to pursue soulmate to fill the other half of us. Yet we know exactly that no perfect human could satisfy this divine desire engraved in our hearts. Stop pursue temporary things, stop demanding people to satisfy this need. It is intended to be filled with vibrant relationship with our lovely creater, merely God.

If you ever thing God as a judge who is always ready to punish when you do wrong, then allow me to introduce the true nature of God ;) He is love. He is all about love. Yet He is holy as well. He just can't stand along with sins. God hates sins but loves the sinners. Wow.. how cool is that? =D He knew no man can live perfectly holy, no man can justify themselves with good deeds. Think about it.. how could we feel good enough when we are simply imperfect regarding many things? How good is good? How bad is bad? What are the parameters? God knows exactly no man can ever save themselves by their own works. Thereby, the only one way to save us would be.. He died as substitute for our sins. Jesus Christ died for us when we're still sinners as His demonstration of His own love. Can you imagine to die for someone you love? That's how God feels.. Yet still so many still hardened their hearts and refuse Him and His perfect love. Well.. think about it.. If you want to marry someone, would a man with this great love who also willing to die for you will be a nicest candidate? For what reasons do we have to refuse Him?

Believe me ... Jesus did not die to give us a religion named, Christian. He died so that we can enjoy authentic relationship with the Father of Heaven, the Creator, God. He is the only way to come to the Father. For me, accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior of my life is the most beautiful thing that could ever happened to me. I am whole through Him. My life is still imperfect, but I do have one true God whom I can rely on. I just want you to experience the same as I do.. the greatest love anyone could ever know. Receive Him and enjoy a fascinating journey ahead when great purposes simply being unfolded step by step =D

August 19, 2010

Where is the Love?

by Leticia Seviraneta

For some of us, life is not a fairy tale. It may be a daily story of survival. How people work hard to have something to eat. Just something.. anything that can be eaten for that day. How people may find it difficult to dream.. since what they see and feel are just endless calamity. There are always people who need a loving hands to reach and spread the warmth of what we called L O V E.

I remember the words which were spoken by Christine Caine about the human trafficking which she put effort on to save many people who are trapped in slavery. She said that there was one woman who had been a prostitute and when she came to save her, the woman simply asked, "Why don't you come sooner?" Chris said that this question should probably be answered for each of us as well. "Why don't we come sooner?" "What other things that more important than this and keep us busy?"

I believe that everyone of us has different role and calling in this life. Yet I believe that it is everyone's role to be the agent of love in order to make difference in this world no matter how small it would be. There is a seed of greatness and uniqueness in each of us longing to be released. Don't let it becomes dormant for the rest of our lives. We are created simply to help others too. Your contribution will mean a lot to these unfortunate people. This is not merely about the human trafficking, it could be also the poverty and injustice.

So.. the million dollars question might be, "What can I do?" And the answer probably will simply .. "pursue to do good" Big things always started from little things. Pursue to do little kindness daily to anybody. The word 'pursue' emphasizes on our active action to seek and find a need then try to fulfill it :) When this has become our habit, then we can dream something bigger and try to expand our reach to meet bigger need somewhere out there. Imagine.. what a wonderful world it would be if each of us do that?

In order to let love flows naturally from you, we may need to have conviction that.. we ARE love. Love is hidden potential of every human. It means that every one CAN love when they WANT to. Some poets may stated that love hurts, love is pain. Yet the truth is love definately HEALS. Do not fear to release love ... ever. Let's meet the need of those people who may wonder "Where is the Love?" and answer them, "Hey.. It is in US. Let us show you NOW =D"

Check out this for outreach program: http://www.dewaklasik.com/

If you wanna know more bout human trafficking: http://www.thea21campaign.org/

Let's BE the LOVE that somebody is searching NOW ^^ God bless you and He's with you as ALWAYS!

August 17, 2010

Fear and Love

What is the first thing that come into your mind when you read the title? What do you imagine? What is fear? What is love? Aren't they just emotions? Yet somehow these emotions are the source of every thought, word, and behaviour that we do in our daily life. They have such a great power that can change one's life become extra ordinary or completely the opposite of it. Some people may say that emotions in difficult to control. It just happens by our own nature. Yup.. I think it is. Yet still we can learn to manage and decide which emotion that will dominate in our whole life.

To give fear a chance to abide in our hearts and grow is like building a wall in many areas in our lives. We cannot expect to increase our level of life when we maintain the wall of fear inside. Fear simply makes our world smaller. We will not make new friends, go to learn new things, try to apply for new jobs, etc when we have fear to get out from our comfort zone. Many people do realize they will suffer for a lot of concequences when they maintain the fear inside. Yet most of people choose that way rather than facing a lot of uncertainties outside. This might explain why we have fewer leaders than the followers since the leaders are the one who dare to take unusual step forward when others do not =)

I believe that facing fear is a constant struggle for every one. People are just having different level of fear. No one is free from fear. Even small conflict which appear in daily activity may be caused by fear. For example, when a girl is angry when her boyfriend goes with another girl is actually driven by fear of losing him. She couldn't help with it. Fear is the mother of other negative emotions, such as anger, jealousy, bitterness, anxiety, etc. It is a feeling that makes our days blue but do not have any contribution to make it better. So.. let's get to the main point.. Why do we choose fear?

Perfect love, on the other hand, reduces fear. Love is such a great power that opens one soul to another while the fear closes it down. Love embraces, gives, fills, satisfies, and all the more that make people are dying to experience the true version of it. Love trusts. Love takes risk of being rejected. Love accepts. I guess love is about being courageous. We cannot open our soul to another when we fear of being rejected. We need to take risk. We need to take courage. And sometimes, maybe that is all we need to make a difference. If we ask why aren't our lives attractive, maybe we need to ask ourselves whether have we taken any risks of experiencing other things outside our comfort zone or not? When we have conflict with our partner, maybe we need to ask ourselves what do I fear of now? Why do I feel the way I feel? Do I act in love or fear? It may help to clarify the source of problem amd solve it right ahead.

Fear and love are emotions that we can choose to live in. Fear may always exists but it does not have to hold control of us. When we don't focus on it and give love a chance to grow more, we can get through fear. Fear also make us focuses on ourselves. It builds our ego and selfishness. Thereby, we need to focus more to the outside, to others. Give undivided attention to the needs outside and try to fulfill it. There is such a great joy when we give out of love rather than holding back out of fear.

Okayy it seems a bit theoristic don't they? Well, for me fear is really really a constant struggling. I was a shy girl before. I could not make friends easily and I was very concerned of what people think about me. Sounds familiar? I find that what I had faced before was being faced by millions of people out there. Yet one thing that changed my life was when I simply decide to change. I should not nurture the fear inside. I had to take courage. It really is a constant struggling. Day by day, I have to choose not to leave out of fear. I believe every body can change also =) It happens when we simply to choose to act in love instead doing nothing in fear. Expand your wings, your horizons. There are a lot.. a lot of marvelous things out there. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be affraid, for I [God] am with you. What a wonderful promise of God. He's with us all the time. Remember that. He's there when you fall and He's ready to lift you up to higher place. So.. take courage.. the world is waiting for you!

-Leticia Seviraneta-

March 24, 2010

A World Without Judgement

"When we judge people, we have no time to love them"

When we look at people for the first time, we tend to make impressions and assessing some of their attributes. It can be the way they walk, the way they talk, the clothing they wear, and a glimpse of their reactions toward issues. We put almost none effort to do that. It comes out naturally from our minds. This habit may become a great asset when we are jurries who assess the participants in a competition or employers who are going to select their employees. It will be a benefit for us when we can use it wisely at the right time and at the right place. But people tend to use this habit everywhere and anytime. They don't do this for the sake of the people they assess but somehow to satisfy the selfish desire and pleasure, named judging and spreading gossips.

It's kinda awkward actually when we make various assumptions regardless people whom we haven't known yet and fully believe that they are true. Making too many positive assumptions will make us naive, but making too many negative assumptions will make us grumbler. The point is simply do not judge a book by its cover. Do not judge people, especially those who are already being the outcasts. The outcasts don't need more judgement towards them since they have a lot already. They need our love and attentions. Sometimes we forget that.. they are also human with feelings, flaws, and imperfections. How dare we to label them weird, bad, ugly, etc with our narrow minds? Everyone has their own strugglings and reasons why they do things they do. Everyone has the rights to be the one they want to be. Human basic needs are love and acceptance. It would be unwise when we wish to be loved and accepted yet we do not love and accept people.

People may make mistakes. Everybody does. People have flaws. Everbody has. People are imperfect. Everybody is. Our self-righteousness sometimes blinds us from this simple truth. We think that we are better than the others then we have the right to judge them. The truth is we are not even better from them, worse maybe. There is no worse thing then judging people and think that we are better than them. Those who realize how bad they are tend to love more than those who think that they are good enough. Do you believe that? When we take position as a 'better' person we hardly feel love and emphaty toward others' flaws. We can only judge and condemn. We have no time to love them. Which kind of person do you want to be? A person full of self-righteousness yet cruel to others or a person full of selflessness yet love others? Which kind of person do you think that the world needs? Which kind of person that you will embrace as a friend?

This world doesn't need more judgement. We have all the sophisticated legal supported system yet we hardly find happiness there. We are living in a world that knows no grace. If you steal, then you must be punished. If you are weird, then you will be alienated. If you are not competent, then you will not be promoted. People must suffer the consequences of what they've done that might be considered wrong. Where is grace after all? Where is the love? Which one do you think may become answers to the world's problem? Do we need more laws or love? I believe that in the deepest in humans' life they simply need love. A wife becomes a great complainer without love from her husband. A child becomes rebellious without love from their parents. A criminal will keep doing crime since he doesn't know a world full of love. He only thinks how to survive in a cruel world. A prostitute won't become one if she can find another ways to survive. A family becomes broken when there is no love. Have you ever considered what is behind their faces? The strugglings they keep and the fake smile they share... yet all we do is judging without knowing the reasons why... Stop judging, love them, embrace them, and see the difference. Mind your own business. Treat people as the way you want to be treated. Let's create the world without judgement that knows grace and applies love. Let's answer what the world exactly needs! LOVE!

-Leticia Seviraneta-

February 05, 2010

Wall of Pride

It's quite interesting that it's part of humans' nature to conceive the seed of pride within. We naturally stand up between two extremes, being completely independent from others or over dependent. Children usually have tendency to be over dependent to their parents especially to get their demands meet. When the parents fail to meet the demands, they would cry loudly, scream, or do anything else to force their demands to be fulfilled (I observe a lot children! =p). As the time goes by, there are two choices that will be choosen by every individual. Some will let go their childish behavior and have a huge desire to be independent from their parents someday; some will choose to remain spoil and childish because they are comfortable with it. But let's focus on the independent version for a while since it is closely related with the wall of pride I'm going to discuss about =)

Can you trust other to do the jobs that you are good in?
Can you delegate the tasks have been given to you?
Can you ask for other people's help to do certain matters?
Do you find it difficult to share your feelings with others?
Do you prefer to do work alone rather than teamwork?
Do you enjoy yourselves more while you're alone and hate when you are distracted?
Do you have tendency to keep the problems and try to solve it alone?
Do you concern for other people's matters and feelings?

When you answer 'No' to one of these questions, you probably has the unnoticeable wall of pride creeping inside of you. I'm not judging you. To be frank with you, I'm dealing with this problem and I think everybody does! That's why I call it is humans' nature =)

So, let's define first the pride itself. Pride is feeling of being better than others. This definition explains why is it so hard for us to delegate and trust tasks to others. We think that only us who can do that tasks 'perfectly'. Well, it is also the root of perfectionist character inside. Well maybe we can do it better, but if we don't allow others make mistakes then they will not grow. Again.. maybe we need to change mindset that it's not about MY performance, MY opportunity, MY group, MY ability.. but it's about THEIR performance, THEIR growth, etc. It's a matter of shifting our focus from self-centered minded to selfless minded. Great individual and leader always seeks what's the best for others and not for ourselves.

Pride is about 'I can do it by myself' mentality. Being independent is good, but being over independent is a disaster. C'monn.. we're created for community!! Try to accept that. We can't live alone. We can't live with others. No man is an island. So stop depending fully on your own strength, your own ability, etc and let us give a chance to others to do a favor for us! Saying "help" sometimes is as necessary as inhaling the breath. It eases our burden and make everything runs better. Trust me.

Pride is being exclusive. When we separate ourselves from community, try to be alone, and enjoy it much more than we relate with others, there's something serious we need to deal with inside. I mean.. everybody needs quiet time or me time to get relax for a while. But again if everytime is a me time will be a problem. You are designed to be a vessel of love and blessings. If we isolate ourselves from others, than how can the love and blessings be delivered? Include everyone in our relationship without differentiate them. Accept everyone as you want to be accepted. Even if we live in the different world, it doesn't mean that we don't have to be nice to them rite?

In the end, pride is a seed of self-centered life. It is a choice that we make everyday when we choose to defeat the pride and try to think others more than ourselves. It takes a long process to mold a character. Take courage and be determined will keep you on the path. The more achievements you get, the higher position you reach, the humbler you should become. It's the law of life. Pride is the seed of destruction, but humility gives the fruit of life. Embrace humility, refuse pride and self-centered life, and you're advancing more in life than others =)

by Leticia Seviraneta