December 18, 2009

When life is not about me

by Leticia Seviraneta

How do you see your life?

Some people say that life is like a rolling wheel, sometimes up and sometimes down. There are moments of laughther and moments of tears. Others may say that life is like dancing. Dance like no one's watching, sing like no one hears, work like you don't need money, and live the life as today will be your last day on earth. There are many amazing words of wisdom about life. So, how about yours? How do you define your life? Are you excited about it? If you are, what or who makes you excited? If you are not, what makes you not excited?

The discovery of the roots of everything brings recovery. Keep asking yourself will make you know yourself more. When you know someone, it is easy to love him/her. The same principal goes in your relationship with yourself. When you discover who you really are, what makes you act like this or that, and what you supposed to do instead of the bad habit you usually do will bring healing in you. When you enjoy being you, it will bring the whole new perpective about your life itself.

What are your dreams? What are your purpose of life? What strategy that you have in order to achieve it? Do you use your time wisely into that direction? These thoughtful questions kill. It is very inconvenient to hear when we even never think of it. But I want to encourage you all to think of these deeply. Sometimes we are to busy to even think for something big. So let us take a moment to contemplate it =)

I used to try to find out these answers and now I have one =)This life is not about me. It is not about MY dreams, MY purpose, MY good deeds, MY talents, and anything else that begin with the word "MY". Why? I thought it was really a good idea to consider our purpose and goals in life. But somehow, I just discover that life has a much more meaning than living for ourselves. We will never be satisfied. Why? Because that's not what we are created for.

Why did God create human? Why did He create male and female? It is because of... LOVE. God is love. The characteristic of love is giving and in order to give you will need subjects to be given =) As God created us to be receiver of His perfect love, so does women were created to be receiver of love from men. What a perfect and wonderful design, isnt't it?
We all are created to reflect His perfect love.
Yet we have an enemy that create the greatest hindrance to love which is ego, the 'I'. We need to die for ourselves to fully love others.

It is inconvenient to love.

It is sucks.

It is annoying.

It ... hurts.

We may think, "He doesn't deserve it." "I can't forgive him. Why should I?"
Now let's use this same statements with different subjects=)

You don't deserve love.

You ought not to be forgiven.

For you have sinned.

No matter how good you are, there's nothing that you can do can make you right.
No good deeds, nor 'spiritual' rituals.

Yet Jesus still loves you. Though it hurts Him, He just can't stop loving you. Though you reject Him again and again, though you're lazy to even say a prayer, though you never think of Him, He still loves you. He loves you even progressively. He knows you more than you know yourself. He knows your future for He has prepared the best. He wants you to enjoy the abundant life.. which can only be received as you open your heart to invite and follow Him.

Then ... this life is not mine anymore (even it was never be mine!)

Life is about Him.

About Jesus.

About our love giver who teach us to be a giver of love.

About Him who love us even when the whole world reject us.

About Him who were willing to die for us.

About Him who wants so much to have a relationship with you.

When life is not about me, but Jesus, life is beautiful. For that's what life meant to be. To be amazing, wonderful. Only in Him, life does make sense.
So, instead of asking about MY dreams and MY purpose, I'd rather ask, "What's YOUR will for my life? What do YOU want me to do today?" God's wills are perfect. If you haven't found it, seek it. Ask for it. Pursue it. And it shall be given to you.

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