December 13, 2009

Turning the Smallest Possibility into Biggest Opportunity

by Leticia Seviraneta

What will you do if you know that something has a small possibility to be succeed? Will you give up or still wanna try to do it? Actually from the early beginning sometimes we’ve already thought about it in the wrong way. I mean.. how do we know whether it will be succeed or not if we never even try? We usually take a conclusion and send out a statement which we don’t know exactly.We’d rather see something from its possibility with our limited minds. But what is a possibility anyway? In the end … It’s just a prediction of the uncertain things.

Our biggest mistake is our thoughts of ’small’ possibilities give us reason to step back and don’t continue what we’ve begun or might be the one that we never begin. Some people say it in different way. They call themselves as the realistic one. But for me, I’d rather call it the pessimistic one hehe.. =p Coz if you’re really the realistic one, how could you see the possibility which is just an illusion in your mind? Isn’t it the one that you create by yourself? The true realistic think about the concequences of what will they do and not the proportion of the imaginary possibilities. The pessimistic always consider about the possibilities and mostly they make everything has a small possibility before they do it.

I wanna ask you to see this judgment of possibility in other ways. It’s good whenever we think bout possibility actually. But don’t let it make you give up before you try. Never say "I can’t". There’s nothing you can’t do if you have a strong will to try and learn. You may not do it as good as others who has become an expert on it but at least you’re not a loser who never try and give up before the fighting begins =)

Sometimes we have to be deaf when people let you down, underestimate you, disbelieve with your skills, and try to convince you that what you’ll do is impossible. Why? Because they’re not the holder of your destiny. They’re not your future creator. You’re the one who can choose to proof if they’re wrong by turning even the smallest possibility into the biggest opportunity in your life. Of course whenever you realize that you have smaller possibility, there is more prices that you should pay for. That will be you’ve got to work harder and harder. It’s not easy but surely you can if you want to=)

This life isn’t a matter of the existence of possibility. In the end the one who win is not a person who has the biggest possibility but the one who can create opportunity whenever they seems don’t have any possibility. The impossible is possible to those who believe with their chosen dream and try to make it comes true through every obstacles that may step in their way =)

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