December 13, 2009

The Treasures of Obedient Heart

by Leticia Seviraneta

I'm writing this note not as a person who has mastered the obedience in all aspects in my life. On the contrary, I'm the one who still struggle in this area yet I've picked some lessons and considerations which I'd love to share with you guys.. So.. I'm not going give you any lecture since I don't even deserve it either in that 'high' position. But allow me to talk with you as a friend to friend, as a human being that shares the same struggling with you =D

What is obedience actually?

Does it merely mean remain in silence under instruction given to us when our hearts actually rejecting to do it? Surely we don't think that is the appropriate answer, do we? Yet I often find that many of us do it simply because they want to avoid conflict with the other party. At a glance, it seems there's no risen conflict with our attitude in obeying someone but we can't deny that there's a war raging inside. There's something that we wish we can say it out loud. "No!"

How many of us are having difficulty in saying "No!"?
In the other extreme, how many of us are finding it so hard to say "Yes!" and just follow the instructions or guidance?

Which type of person are you?

The truth is, it doesn't really matter which one that describes you the best. The question may should be, "Have you obeyed rightly?"

There are many assumptions that often hold us in a bondage. We think that by keep following or obeying others make us look weak. We don't take control the situation.We seem to have no power. But don't you know that those who can obey with the RIGHT attitude are actually the stronger side? Because only those who can press and die for their pride and egos who are strong enough to make a growth in their lives. Those who are stubborn and reluctant to obey will remain the same. Because somehow, only those who can submit to authority that can be the great holder of authority in the end. Only those who can learn to be humble and have a teachable hearts that can make a breakthrough in their own lives and others as well. But in order to achieve this level, we need to start from below. Big things start with small things. First thing to do may be to obey rightly under the authority that has been trusted to you.

Hmm.. what does it mean to obey rightly? I think that means the obedience come out from the attitude in your heart to obey heartfully although we don't like it without any complain. Feeling is very dangerous. It changes easily and it has no discipline. We often depend on what we like and what we don't like. Those things create constraint. We can't depend on this unreliable feeling. An obedient heart follows with love and respect. It is not afraid of anything but is willing to go beyond hedges to know how else she or he can follow the master. An obedient heart is ready to endure the consequences and circumstances of her or his obedience. Obedience is a decision. If you decide to obey, then you can obey. As simple as that.

A teachable character is an invaluable assets for everyone. It is like a fertile soil waiting for the great seeds to be planted. Once the seeds have been planted through teachings, instructions, and guidances, it is watered by trust. As the obedience are being nurtured, the seeds start to grow. It always takes time to grow. It takes a journey to nurture an attitude. It takes patience and continuous process to obey and to be mold into a huge tree. It takes heart that perseveres to practice and practice again. It takes a courage to stand up after lot of failures. Eventually, after the inconvenient process has passed, we can produce the fruits. We can be a good holder of authority that yields more future leaders. Isn't that amazing?

Okay I hope you're still there to continue reading hehe.. Anyway.. who are the holder of authority in our lives? Many haha =p The one which is obvious will be people who hold higher position in organizational structure. I think that all of us can define who they are. But I want to emphasize from the smallest social groups, our family, our parents, brothers, sisters. Then we expand to obey teacher in class, leader in church, leader in organization, law officers, president, and the highest one, God. It may sound boring for some of you who are accustomed to be so rebellious toward any kind of authority.

"This is my life! I wanna do what I wanna do. Don't tell me what to do."

Sounds familiar?

Do you realize that everything you do that hurt you also hurt everyone who loves you?

Do you realize that you are so loved by those who care enough to give guidance for you?

Giving in is not giving up.

Obeying and sacrificing our egos doesn't mean that we lose.

It means that we are mature enough to make decision to stretch ourselves, to grow...

And somehow, someday, when you look back.. There will be a gratitude and smile in you. For you have made the right decision in your lives.

Smart people learn from their experiences. But SMARTER people learn from others'.

I'm not persuading you to obey all the way everything. I think that you're matured enough to discern the wise and unwise instructions ;)

Let us grow in obedience toward those who has been trusted to be the holder of authority and most important thing toward the CREATOR of authority itself. Our God.

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  1. So true, somehow obedience is confusing. We're confused by whom we should we obey. But when we know who we are and who we are not, what we want and we don't want, we can easily know whom we should obey. And by the time we meet that person, our attitude won't be just obey, but also submit. :D

    Anw, neatly written! So blessed.
    Keep on writting! :D