December 12, 2009

The Most Beautiful Thing

by Leticia Seviraneta

Some people refuse parts of themselves that may called as weaknesses. But I believe that weaknesses do exist for a purpose. They remind us to keep improving ourselves. Complaining bout their existence will make no difference certainly. Talking about the problems will have no ending. All we have to do is always think for the solution. If we think that we are not good in communicating with people, think how to improve it and don’t complain. The most beautiful thing in life is when we can make peace with ourselves. Because when we’ve learnt how to love ourselves, we can learn how to love others unconditionally and I believe that love is the one that makes everything seems beautiful.

A long journey starts from a small step ahead. A great love starts from small good deeds. I believe when we put in love in everything that we do without any exception, it will have great result in the end. I don’t promise you that you will succeed for sure, but I promise you that you’ll have something great to learn in the end.

Life is like a wheel, sometimes up and sometimes down. Be thankful to God because He created such a balance life. Because if we never fall down, we will be arrogant and underestimate people and if we never succeed, we will find no reason to live for. One thing that I concern and I want to share with you all is this life will never be perfect. So, we should deal and compromise with any mistakes that we made in this life. You can make mistake and realize that the world doesn’t end. The earth is still revolving, the birds are still chirping, and the skies are still blue. I believe that our falling moment is like a turning point in our life that prepares us to gain great success in the end. We’ll never learn if we never fail =) The thing that really matters is not how many times have you failed, but how many times have you stood up after failures. Failure only lasts for a period of time that you can choose how long will it be. But the strength that you have inside, the strong mentality for not giving up after failures is the one that you’ll bring till the end of your life.

So, make peace with yourself! Knowing that it’s the first step where you plant love in your life. Try to forgive every mistake you made and learn from it. Remember.. the most beautiful thing in this world is truly the one that lies in your heart =)

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