December 13, 2009

The Living Sanctuary

by Leticia Seviraneta

In a moment when tears ran dry
Forcing up actions of faith to give a try
The world mocks and tortures to lead us astray
Buzzing around through lies and pride within
Not easily recognized, yet distracting heart's purity
Arguing to give self-justification before disobedience
Fake courtesy to cover unrighteousness
Neglecting the giving of unfailing love from above
Rejecting the constant offering of atonement
Living in deadly road to lasting maltreatment
Haven't I been good enough through helpful deeds?
Yet nothing beneath this sky is honored
None of us deserves to receive
Life isn't belong to us
Dreams aren't meant to be pursued when they're merely about us
What used to be meaningful soon will become worthless
No treasure can be able to replace the eternal peace
No love can defeat the endless ones
Nothing is enough to be compared with
We are merely dust flown by the wind
Little flowers which bloom and wither in countable days
But knowing that we aren't condemned, we aren't forgotten..
Astonishingly flashes of hope redeemed the red scars
Such an amazing.. wonderful.. marvelous.. unconditional grace
Who forgives and forgets the unforgetable ones
Who waits to bless with abundant life
Who cares and loves more than anyone could
Who never leaves nor forsake you
I'm overwhelmed .. I'm relieved ... I'm free..

1 comment:

  1. If it's called poetry
    That I supposed it's too long for it

    but It was a nice work to try....
    write down ur heart feelings with some kind of metaphore..

    great to know this is true about u...