December 13, 2009

I Kissed Dating Goodbye

Hmm.. it’s really a very nice book written by Joshua Harris ^^ If everyone reads it and trully obeys what inside of it, there’ll be no more broken heart and marriage for sure =) The title is quite controversial with the content actually. This book has become the answer of God for my prayers and blessing to my life. To those who are confused in their love life should read this book ^^

As a woman at my age, I struggle also to choose my partner of life (or you may say it boyfriend informally anyway =p) hehe. Everyone has different ways to see relationship according to their own beliefs and principles. But for me, having a special relationship with a guy is more than just a thing that common tennagers do. It is holy as God intends it to be. It is not just an expression of feeling of ‘love’, ‘like’, or ‘compassion’. It needs more than two hearts that share the same attractiveness. It is more than dating on weekends, chatting on the phone, sending short messages frequently, etc. It is a COMMITMENT. Some people may think I’m too serious for it. But if we don’t want to be with the wrong person, then i think that we should think for it seriously and carefully too =)

Soo.. what does the commitment mean actually? Can we say that when we have relationship with one person means that we have commited to him/her? It supposed to be. But somehow, the fact doesn’t represent it that way. Two people get into relationship mostly because of they like each other. That’s it. They don’t think futher for their ulimate purpose, future, and so on. They just keep it flow like a river and go on with uncertainty ahead. There are too many people who do this and too many people get hurt in the end. Of course, having a broken heart is not everyone’s dream. But if we don’t even do things to prevent it, how can we expect that it won’t happen in our lives? The one that can prevent it happen is a relationship with commitment from the beginning. Commitment to get married in the end. Oww.. you may be surprised and think that it is still too far away. But when you don’t set up this goal since the beginning, your relationship certainly will lead to short term romance and broken hearted. The rule (should I say it as ‘the rule’?? It sounds so scary haha.. but it just shows the thing that i really want to emphasize anyway .. hihi..) is simply: Don’t have a relationship till you ready to get married. It is a very irresponsible to grab one’s heart without commiting with him/her and hurt them in the end. If you think that having relationship is to have experience, then think how many people should get hurted for your own sake of experiences? Sometimes our ego fold our eyes and we may never think from others’ side. Guys.. it hurts! (read futher on the book for more detail information hihi.. you may be surprised with the facts on it =)

What is love according to God’s way? It doesn’t think for themselves, but for the sake of the ones we love. Pure love doesn’t demand a hug and a kiss.. It respects the partner’s body fully and want to keep it holy till marriage. It doesn’t use other’s body for their lust. Love always think for the goodness of others. One question that should be thrown ahead before making relationship is: Will this relationship makes him/her get closer to God? In fact, mostly romance makes the couple getting further from God cause they concern too much for each other. This is not like what God intends us to be. It is a pure sacrifice when we leave the person whom we love so that they can focus to serve God. We have no rights to be obstacle in it.

I’m sure that it is a grace to wait until the right time. There will be the time when we have ready and we’ll meet our partner of life. Our impatience can drive us to a relationship that is not satisfying God and break our future. I think that waiting is a chance. It is a chance to prepare ourselves to get ready. We need to improve our characters so that it will be good enough when the time has come. Patience, understanding, caring, and humility are not set up at one point of time. It takes a long process to be built. It is unfair to demand a ‘perfect-criteria’ person when we don’t give the same standards to ourselves, isnt’it? Too many marriages that break because of the lack of good characters in both sides when they deal with problems. Before you get ready, then it means it is not the right time yet =)

It is a grace to serve God when we are still single. It makes us focus only to Him. We don’t waste our minds, time, energy to someone who may get hurted or hurt us in the end =) The principles on this book offer hope for all people who have been hurted and hard to believe of true love. Well.. the good news is.. true love does exist. We just don’t follow His path and cause us to meet wrong people many times. So what are the ways? How to find our soulmate? How to control our passion for love and lust? How can we love in God’s ways? What should we do when we’re waiting til the right time? You can find all your answers right in this book =) “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” by Joshua Harris ^^

I trully hope that you’ll receive the same blessing as I have and start to make new commitment to serve Him at them moment while we wait for the right time and the right person. Have a hope for your love life cause God has wonderful gift to those who are faithful in walking according to His path =) Love you all..

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