December 12, 2009

Don't stop!

by Leticia Seviraneta

To start something needs a lot of courage and when it has been done, there are more obstacles in front that waits to be solved. The true war happens after we make the decision to do something. Life is not a matter of how did we start but how do we survive. People who success in reaching their goals are people who have experienced failures a lot. They become who they are today because they chose to survive and stand up once again.

There is no good things created in a second. You can’t expect much from instant things. In the journey of reaching your dreams, you’ll need a lot of patience, consistency, and iron will which is the most important thing. Sometimes the feeling of ‘just wanna …" doesn’t enough. You have to really really really want to reach your dreams that will proves how long will you survive. The best thing in life always born after a long hardwork. Too easy to get will make us too easy to let go and give up. Consistency is also the vital thing. You can’t depend on your mood. You have to become consistent in whatever you do, have a strong commitment to end well what you have been started before. Being consistent is hard for those who can become bored easily. But don’t think it’s hard, but think it as your challenge and try to conquer it. There from your thoughts you can get strength. You also have to be patient in your journey. Some people may reach their dreams in a few weeks, but some people may reach it in a few years. But that really doesn’t matter cause the end is the same… your dreams come true.

Remember… whenever everything goes harder, that’s the moment you are not allowed to stop. Don’t stop! You’ll never given dreams without power to make it comes true. The power is inside you. All you have to do is to discover and improve it. Don’t make any excuses by saying "I don’t have the chance …" or "I wish I could turn back time…" Mostly, chances won’t come without efforts to be done. Never wait for chances, but try to find or create those chances. Everyone may not has the same economy power but every one definately has the talent that waits inside. All we have to do is to realize its existency and change it to become our power in making our dreams come true.

Don’t wait for a chance! Make a chance, make a move, and don’t stop till your dreams come true!

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  1. Nice post...
    I agree with "don't wait for a chance! Make a chance"
    If you wait for a chance, probably you won't be ready when the time comes. But if you make a chance, you will be ready anytime ^^