December 18, 2009

When life is not about me

by Leticia Seviraneta

How do you see your life?

Some people say that life is like a rolling wheel, sometimes up and sometimes down. There are moments of laughther and moments of tears. Others may say that life is like dancing. Dance like no one's watching, sing like no one hears, work like you don't need money, and live the life as today will be your last day on earth. There are many amazing words of wisdom about life. So, how about yours? How do you define your life? Are you excited about it? If you are, what or who makes you excited? If you are not, what makes you not excited?

The discovery of the roots of everything brings recovery. Keep asking yourself will make you know yourself more. When you know someone, it is easy to love him/her. The same principal goes in your relationship with yourself. When you discover who you really are, what makes you act like this or that, and what you supposed to do instead of the bad habit you usually do will bring healing in you. When you enjoy being you, it will bring the whole new perpective about your life itself.

What are your dreams? What are your purpose of life? What strategy that you have in order to achieve it? Do you use your time wisely into that direction? These thoughtful questions kill. It is very inconvenient to hear when we even never think of it. But I want to encourage you all to think of these deeply. Sometimes we are to busy to even think for something big. So let us take a moment to contemplate it =)

I used to try to find out these answers and now I have one =)This life is not about me. It is not about MY dreams, MY purpose, MY good deeds, MY talents, and anything else that begin with the word "MY". Why? I thought it was really a good idea to consider our purpose and goals in life. But somehow, I just discover that life has a much more meaning than living for ourselves. We will never be satisfied. Why? Because that's not what we are created for.

Why did God create human? Why did He create male and female? It is because of... LOVE. God is love. The characteristic of love is giving and in order to give you will need subjects to be given =) As God created us to be receiver of His perfect love, so does women were created to be receiver of love from men. What a perfect and wonderful design, isnt't it?
We all are created to reflect His perfect love.
Yet we have an enemy that create the greatest hindrance to love which is ego, the 'I'. We need to die for ourselves to fully love others.

It is inconvenient to love.

It is sucks.

It is annoying.

It ... hurts.

We may think, "He doesn't deserve it." "I can't forgive him. Why should I?"
Now let's use this same statements with different subjects=)

You don't deserve love.

You ought not to be forgiven.

For you have sinned.

No matter how good you are, there's nothing that you can do can make you right.
No good deeds, nor 'spiritual' rituals.

Yet Jesus still loves you. Though it hurts Him, He just can't stop loving you. Though you reject Him again and again, though you're lazy to even say a prayer, though you never think of Him, He still loves you. He loves you even progressively. He knows you more than you know yourself. He knows your future for He has prepared the best. He wants you to enjoy the abundant life.. which can only be received as you open your heart to invite and follow Him.

Then ... this life is not mine anymore (even it was never be mine!)

Life is about Him.

About Jesus.

About our love giver who teach us to be a giver of love.

About Him who love us even when the whole world reject us.

About Him who were willing to die for us.

About Him who wants so much to have a relationship with you.

When life is not about me, but Jesus, life is beautiful. For that's what life meant to be. To be amazing, wonderful. Only in Him, life does make sense.
So, instead of asking about MY dreams and MY purpose, I'd rather ask, "What's YOUR will for my life? What do YOU want me to do today?" God's wills are perfect. If you haven't found it, seek it. Ask for it. Pursue it. And it shall be given to you.

December 13, 2009

The Treasures of Obedient Heart

by Leticia Seviraneta

I'm writing this note not as a person who has mastered the obedience in all aspects in my life. On the contrary, I'm the one who still struggle in this area yet I've picked some lessons and considerations which I'd love to share with you guys.. So.. I'm not going give you any lecture since I don't even deserve it either in that 'high' position. But allow me to talk with you as a friend to friend, as a human being that shares the same struggling with you =D

What is obedience actually?

Does it merely mean remain in silence under instruction given to us when our hearts actually rejecting to do it? Surely we don't think that is the appropriate answer, do we? Yet I often find that many of us do it simply because they want to avoid conflict with the other party. At a glance, it seems there's no risen conflict with our attitude in obeying someone but we can't deny that there's a war raging inside. There's something that we wish we can say it out loud. "No!"

How many of us are having difficulty in saying "No!"?
In the other extreme, how many of us are finding it so hard to say "Yes!" and just follow the instructions or guidance?

Which type of person are you?

The truth is, it doesn't really matter which one that describes you the best. The question may should be, "Have you obeyed rightly?"

There are many assumptions that often hold us in a bondage. We think that by keep following or obeying others make us look weak. We don't take control the situation.We seem to have no power. But don't you know that those who can obey with the RIGHT attitude are actually the stronger side? Because only those who can press and die for their pride and egos who are strong enough to make a growth in their lives. Those who are stubborn and reluctant to obey will remain the same. Because somehow, only those who can submit to authority that can be the great holder of authority in the end. Only those who can learn to be humble and have a teachable hearts that can make a breakthrough in their own lives and others as well. But in order to achieve this level, we need to start from below. Big things start with small things. First thing to do may be to obey rightly under the authority that has been trusted to you.

Hmm.. what does it mean to obey rightly? I think that means the obedience come out from the attitude in your heart to obey heartfully although we don't like it without any complain. Feeling is very dangerous. It changes easily and it has no discipline. We often depend on what we like and what we don't like. Those things create constraint. We can't depend on this unreliable feeling. An obedient heart follows with love and respect. It is not afraid of anything but is willing to go beyond hedges to know how else she or he can follow the master. An obedient heart is ready to endure the consequences and circumstances of her or his obedience. Obedience is a decision. If you decide to obey, then you can obey. As simple as that.

A teachable character is an invaluable assets for everyone. It is like a fertile soil waiting for the great seeds to be planted. Once the seeds have been planted through teachings, instructions, and guidances, it is watered by trust. As the obedience are being nurtured, the seeds start to grow. It always takes time to grow. It takes a journey to nurture an attitude. It takes patience and continuous process to obey and to be mold into a huge tree. It takes heart that perseveres to practice and practice again. It takes a courage to stand up after lot of failures. Eventually, after the inconvenient process has passed, we can produce the fruits. We can be a good holder of authority that yields more future leaders. Isn't that amazing?

Okay I hope you're still there to continue reading hehe.. Anyway.. who are the holder of authority in our lives? Many haha =p The one which is obvious will be people who hold higher position in organizational structure. I think that all of us can define who they are. But I want to emphasize from the smallest social groups, our family, our parents, brothers, sisters. Then we expand to obey teacher in class, leader in church, leader in organization, law officers, president, and the highest one, God. It may sound boring for some of you who are accustomed to be so rebellious toward any kind of authority.

"This is my life! I wanna do what I wanna do. Don't tell me what to do."

Sounds familiar?

Do you realize that everything you do that hurt you also hurt everyone who loves you?

Do you realize that you are so loved by those who care enough to give guidance for you?

Giving in is not giving up.

Obeying and sacrificing our egos doesn't mean that we lose.

It means that we are mature enough to make decision to stretch ourselves, to grow...

And somehow, someday, when you look back.. There will be a gratitude and smile in you. For you have made the right decision in your lives.

Smart people learn from their experiences. But SMARTER people learn from others'.

I'm not persuading you to obey all the way everything. I think that you're matured enough to discern the wise and unwise instructions ;)

Let us grow in obedience toward those who has been trusted to be the holder of authority and most important thing toward the CREATOR of authority itself. Our God.

The Living Sanctuary

by Leticia Seviraneta

In a moment when tears ran dry
Forcing up actions of faith to give a try
The world mocks and tortures to lead us astray
Buzzing around through lies and pride within
Not easily recognized, yet distracting heart's purity
Arguing to give self-justification before disobedience
Fake courtesy to cover unrighteousness
Neglecting the giving of unfailing love from above
Rejecting the constant offering of atonement
Living in deadly road to lasting maltreatment
Haven't I been good enough through helpful deeds?
Yet nothing beneath this sky is honored
None of us deserves to receive
Life isn't belong to us
Dreams aren't meant to be pursued when they're merely about us
What used to be meaningful soon will become worthless
No treasure can be able to replace the eternal peace
No love can defeat the endless ones
Nothing is enough to be compared with
We are merely dust flown by the wind
Little flowers which bloom and wither in countable days
But knowing that we aren't condemned, we aren't forgotten..
Astonishingly flashes of hope redeemed the red scars
Such an amazing.. wonderful.. marvelous.. unconditional grace
Who forgives and forgets the unforgetable ones
Who waits to bless with abundant life
Who cares and loves more than anyone could
Who never leaves nor forsake you
I'm overwhelmed .. I'm relieved ... I'm free..


by Leticia Seviraneta

As the wind blew the footprints behind
Another new steps come ahead
Unrecognized at first, friends at last
When time has slipped away
Changing things that wished to be the same
The longing heart's begging for old warmth
Could be found in sleepless memory
Never awake.. never rebirth..
Once in a while I stare and smile
For the blurry faces and titles
For the unremarkable moments
Yet I step forward ..
Trying to be accustomed to the changing new views ..
new horizon.. another footprints..

The Greatest Regret is the Risk You Didn't Take

by Leticia Seviraneta

Anything that’s precious might have some risks to achieve it. And most of people choose to live in their safety zone or at least for them it’s safe hehe..=p but living in the safety zone forever won’t bring any difference in your life. There are a lot of wonderful experiences out there that u could never imagine. And most of those greatest experiences also accompanied by risks u should take.

Good people will never make a history. It means people who always live in their safety zone will never get something precious to be learned and their life will stuck in one point only without any increases. Too many thoughts of possibilities might become an obstacle to take a step forward. Fear does influece the decision we’d make. And when it goes to control our minds, we’ll lose the chance to achieve what we want.

Thoughts of people sometimes may be good to be considered but one thing shouldn’t be ignored is your own voice within. If you want to do something, you’ve got to believe that you can make it through and success. There you get the strength from inside to do your best in everything you do.

You’re the only one who really hold the keys in your life. For life is full of choices and choices are in your hands. You’re the one who can decide whether you want to try or to quit, to make your greatest effort till the last or to give up before all the things you’ve begun finished.

What if we fail? Well, for me, it’s better we try, fail, and rise again then never make any efforts. Failure isn’t a thing that should be regreted. But it’s one of the things we should thank for. Coz by failure we get more experience to do the same thing better next time. We’ll never can avoid mistakes that failed us, but we can learn to handle it positively =) Fear to fail is fear to success. No one success without having failures before.

So keep these words in mind: The best regret is the risks you didn’t take. You’ll never know what you’ll get if you don’t try to take the risks=) Leave your safety zone and try to make a difference in your life in positive ways =)

Turning the Smallest Possibility into Biggest Opportunity

by Leticia Seviraneta

What will you do if you know that something has a small possibility to be succeed? Will you give up or still wanna try to do it? Actually from the early beginning sometimes we’ve already thought about it in the wrong way. I mean.. how do we know whether it will be succeed or not if we never even try? We usually take a conclusion and send out a statement which we don’t know exactly.We’d rather see something from its possibility with our limited minds. But what is a possibility anyway? In the end … It’s just a prediction of the uncertain things.

Our biggest mistake is our thoughts of ’small’ possibilities give us reason to step back and don’t continue what we’ve begun or might be the one that we never begin. Some people say it in different way. They call themselves as the realistic one. But for me, I’d rather call it the pessimistic one hehe.. =p Coz if you’re really the realistic one, how could you see the possibility which is just an illusion in your mind? Isn’t it the one that you create by yourself? The true realistic think about the concequences of what will they do and not the proportion of the imaginary possibilities. The pessimistic always consider about the possibilities and mostly they make everything has a small possibility before they do it.

I wanna ask you to see this judgment of possibility in other ways. It’s good whenever we think bout possibility actually. But don’t let it make you give up before you try. Never say "I can’t". There’s nothing you can’t do if you have a strong will to try and learn. You may not do it as good as others who has become an expert on it but at least you’re not a loser who never try and give up before the fighting begins =)

Sometimes we have to be deaf when people let you down, underestimate you, disbelieve with your skills, and try to convince you that what you’ll do is impossible. Why? Because they’re not the holder of your destiny. They’re not your future creator. You’re the one who can choose to proof if they’re wrong by turning even the smallest possibility into the biggest opportunity in your life. Of course whenever you realize that you have smaller possibility, there is more prices that you should pay for. That will be you’ve got to work harder and harder. It’s not easy but surely you can if you want to=)

This life isn’t a matter of the existence of possibility. In the end the one who win is not a person who has the biggest possibility but the one who can create opportunity whenever they seems don’t have any possibility. The impossible is possible to those who believe with their chosen dream and try to make it comes true through every obstacles that may step in their way =)


If you can’t sing, thank that you still have a voice to talk

If you can’t dance, thank that you still have feet to walk

If you don’t have a ‘perfect’ body, thank that you still have a ‘complete’ one

If you don’t like any parts of your body, thank for their existence to help you in life

If you don’t have a beautiful face, thank that you’ve given chance to create the everlasting beauty inside

If you don’t have money to spend for your wills, thank that you still have one for your needs

If you don’t have a nice family, thank that you have a chance to be the light in it

If you don’t have a good friend on earth, thank that you still have Jesus as your best friend in Heaven

Always thank for what you have and never let what you don’t have take the crown in your mine. Happiness is realizing that what we have is enough and if it trully hasn’t be, we still thank for it. He will not let us live uncomfortably without purpose. And the purpose is to keep you close to Him now and forever. Thank that we still have Him, when we seems have nothing ^^

by Leticia Seviraneta

I Kissed Dating Goodbye

Hmm.. it’s really a very nice book written by Joshua Harris ^^ If everyone reads it and trully obeys what inside of it, there’ll be no more broken heart and marriage for sure =) The title is quite controversial with the content actually. This book has become the answer of God for my prayers and blessing to my life. To those who are confused in their love life should read this book ^^

As a woman at my age, I struggle also to choose my partner of life (or you may say it boyfriend informally anyway =p) hehe. Everyone has different ways to see relationship according to their own beliefs and principles. But for me, having a special relationship with a guy is more than just a thing that common tennagers do. It is holy as God intends it to be. It is not just an expression of feeling of ‘love’, ‘like’, or ‘compassion’. It needs more than two hearts that share the same attractiveness. It is more than dating on weekends, chatting on the phone, sending short messages frequently, etc. It is a COMMITMENT. Some people may think I’m too serious for it. But if we don’t want to be with the wrong person, then i think that we should think for it seriously and carefully too =)

Soo.. what does the commitment mean actually? Can we say that when we have relationship with one person means that we have commited to him/her? It supposed to be. But somehow, the fact doesn’t represent it that way. Two people get into relationship mostly because of they like each other. That’s it. They don’t think futher for their ulimate purpose, future, and so on. They just keep it flow like a river and go on with uncertainty ahead. There are too many people who do this and too many people get hurt in the end. Of course, having a broken heart is not everyone’s dream. But if we don’t even do things to prevent it, how can we expect that it won’t happen in our lives? The one that can prevent it happen is a relationship with commitment from the beginning. Commitment to get married in the end. Oww.. you may be surprised and think that it is still too far away. But when you don’t set up this goal since the beginning, your relationship certainly will lead to short term romance and broken hearted. The rule (should I say it as ‘the rule’?? It sounds so scary haha.. but it just shows the thing that i really want to emphasize anyway .. hihi..) is simply: Don’t have a relationship till you ready to get married. It is a very irresponsible to grab one’s heart without commiting with him/her and hurt them in the end. If you think that having relationship is to have experience, then think how many people should get hurted for your own sake of experiences? Sometimes our ego fold our eyes and we may never think from others’ side. Guys.. it hurts! (read futher on the book for more detail information hihi.. you may be surprised with the facts on it =)

What is love according to God’s way? It doesn’t think for themselves, but for the sake of the ones we love. Pure love doesn’t demand a hug and a kiss.. It respects the partner’s body fully and want to keep it holy till marriage. It doesn’t use other’s body for their lust. Love always think for the goodness of others. One question that should be thrown ahead before making relationship is: Will this relationship makes him/her get closer to God? In fact, mostly romance makes the couple getting further from God cause they concern too much for each other. This is not like what God intends us to be. It is a pure sacrifice when we leave the person whom we love so that they can focus to serve God. We have no rights to be obstacle in it.

I’m sure that it is a grace to wait until the right time. There will be the time when we have ready and we’ll meet our partner of life. Our impatience can drive us to a relationship that is not satisfying God and break our future. I think that waiting is a chance. It is a chance to prepare ourselves to get ready. We need to improve our characters so that it will be good enough when the time has come. Patience, understanding, caring, and humility are not set up at one point of time. It takes a long process to be built. It is unfair to demand a ‘perfect-criteria’ person when we don’t give the same standards to ourselves, isnt’it? Too many marriages that break because of the lack of good characters in both sides when they deal with problems. Before you get ready, then it means it is not the right time yet =)

It is a grace to serve God when we are still single. It makes us focus only to Him. We don’t waste our minds, time, energy to someone who may get hurted or hurt us in the end =) The principles on this book offer hope for all people who have been hurted and hard to believe of true love. Well.. the good news is.. true love does exist. We just don’t follow His path and cause us to meet wrong people many times. So what are the ways? How to find our soulmate? How to control our passion for love and lust? How can we love in God’s ways? What should we do when we’re waiting til the right time? You can find all your answers right in this book =) “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” by Joshua Harris ^^

I trully hope that you’ll receive the same blessing as I have and start to make new commitment to serve Him at them moment while we wait for the right time and the right person. Have a hope for your love life cause God has wonderful gift to those who are faithful in walking according to His path =) Love you all..

December 12, 2009

Don't stop!

by Leticia Seviraneta

To start something needs a lot of courage and when it has been done, there are more obstacles in front that waits to be solved. The true war happens after we make the decision to do something. Life is not a matter of how did we start but how do we survive. People who success in reaching their goals are people who have experienced failures a lot. They become who they are today because they chose to survive and stand up once again.

There is no good things created in a second. You can’t expect much from instant things. In the journey of reaching your dreams, you’ll need a lot of patience, consistency, and iron will which is the most important thing. Sometimes the feeling of ‘just wanna …" doesn’t enough. You have to really really really want to reach your dreams that will proves how long will you survive. The best thing in life always born after a long hardwork. Too easy to get will make us too easy to let go and give up. Consistency is also the vital thing. You can’t depend on your mood. You have to become consistent in whatever you do, have a strong commitment to end well what you have been started before. Being consistent is hard for those who can become bored easily. But don’t think it’s hard, but think it as your challenge and try to conquer it. There from your thoughts you can get strength. You also have to be patient in your journey. Some people may reach their dreams in a few weeks, but some people may reach it in a few years. But that really doesn’t matter cause the end is the same… your dreams come true.

Remember… whenever everything goes harder, that’s the moment you are not allowed to stop. Don’t stop! You’ll never given dreams without power to make it comes true. The power is inside you. All you have to do is to discover and improve it. Don’t make any excuses by saying "I don’t have the chance …" or "I wish I could turn back time…" Mostly, chances won’t come without efforts to be done. Never wait for chances, but try to find or create those chances. Everyone may not has the same economy power but every one definately has the talent that waits inside. All we have to do is to realize its existency and change it to become our power in making our dreams come true.

Don’t wait for a chance! Make a chance, make a move, and don’t stop till your dreams come true!

Just Faith

Lay on others, you may be dissapointed

Lay on yourself, you may be stumbled

Lay on Jesus, you will be healed

Believe in Him, you will be saved

Try to understand it, you will lose your mind

Try to ignore it, you will lose your heart

Seek for it, you will gain true life

Maintain it, you will harvest eternity

Faith is simply just believing without seeing …

-Leticia Seviraneta-

The Most Beautiful Thing

by Leticia Seviraneta

Some people refuse parts of themselves that may called as weaknesses. But I believe that weaknesses do exist for a purpose. They remind us to keep improving ourselves. Complaining bout their existence will make no difference certainly. Talking about the problems will have no ending. All we have to do is always think for the solution. If we think that we are not good in communicating with people, think how to improve it and don’t complain. The most beautiful thing in life is when we can make peace with ourselves. Because when we’ve learnt how to love ourselves, we can learn how to love others unconditionally and I believe that love is the one that makes everything seems beautiful.

A long journey starts from a small step ahead. A great love starts from small good deeds. I believe when we put in love in everything that we do without any exception, it will have great result in the end. I don’t promise you that you will succeed for sure, but I promise you that you’ll have something great to learn in the end.

Life is like a wheel, sometimes up and sometimes down. Be thankful to God because He created such a balance life. Because if we never fall down, we will be arrogant and underestimate people and if we never succeed, we will find no reason to live for. One thing that I concern and I want to share with you all is this life will never be perfect. So, we should deal and compromise with any mistakes that we made in this life. You can make mistake and realize that the world doesn’t end. The earth is still revolving, the birds are still chirping, and the skies are still blue. I believe that our falling moment is like a turning point in our life that prepares us to gain great success in the end. We’ll never learn if we never fail =) The thing that really matters is not how many times have you failed, but how many times have you stood up after failures. Failure only lasts for a period of time that you can choose how long will it be. But the strength that you have inside, the strong mentality for not giving up after failures is the one that you’ll bring till the end of your life.

So, make peace with yourself! Knowing that it’s the first step where you plant love in your life. Try to forgive every mistake you made and learn from it. Remember.. the most beautiful thing in this world is truly the one that lies in your heart =)